Television: Day By Day, South Today

The Beatles' concert at the Guildhall, Portsmouth was postponed after Paul McCartney fell victim to gastric flu, and was rescheduled for 3 December 1963.

Newspaper report on Paul McCartney and George Harrison's flu, 12 November 1963The other Beatles gave an interview to Jeremy James for the Southern Television show Day By Day. It took place in the Guildhall's dressing room, and was broadcast from 6.05pm that evening.

They also recorded an interview at their Southsea hotel, the Royal Beach, for the BBC's South Today. It was conducted by reporter John Johnston and broadcast at 6.10pm.

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  1. Sheila Rogers

    After queueing for 3 days and three nights in shifts can you imagine how gutted we were when we saw this on the tv that evening. We still went over there and mingled with the crowds and chatty policemen and also met some of the other people we had queued with. They assured us the Show would be rescheduled. Never thought of invading the Royal Beach Hotel, we thought they would be at The Queen’s!

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