Radio: Side By Side

The Beatles recorded two shows for the radio series Side By Side, to be broadcast on the BBC Light Programme service.

The shows were taped at the BBC's Piccadilly Studios in London, and the presenter was John Dunn.

The format of the show was that each week the house band, The Karl Denver Trio, invited a guest act to perform. Both acts normally performed the theme tune together.

For the first show The Beatles additionally sang I Saw Her Standing There, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Baby It's You, Please Please, Me, From Me To You and Misery.

For the second show their songs were: From Me To You, Long Tall Sally, A Taste Of Honey, Chains, Thank You Girl and Boys.

Including the rehearsals, the radio sessions took place from 2.30-5.30pm and 6.30-10.30pm. The first show was broadcast from 5pm on 22 April 1963, and the second one at the same time on 13 May.

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  1. Mil Sepic

    I love the song Side by Side and have ever since I was a kid. It’s a great show tune. I remember seeing it done on the “I Love Lucy” show. And now you say that the Beatles did it with the Side By Side show’s house band? Good lord, is there a copy anywhere to be heard or better yet seen? It would make my day.
    I play the song on uke and it always reminds me of happy days as a kid with my Mom who was also a Beatles fan. Great site and I will return.
    thank you.

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