Live: Co-operative Hall, Darwen

The Beatles played this Lancashire town dance promoted by the youth club of the local Baptist church on this night.

They were top of a bill which also included The Electones, The Mike Taylor Combo and The Mustangs with Ricky Day.

Advertisement for The Beatles at Co-operative Hall, Darwen, 25 January 1963

Earlier in the day The Beatles' 16 January appearance on the BBC radio show Here We Go was broadcast, as was the 21 January recording of Radio Luxembourg's Friday Spectacular.

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11 responses on “Live: Co-operative Hall, Darwen

  1. lee lipton

    I just purchased an original players cigarette case with all four beatles signing their names on the inside.. my authentication shows these autographs were obtained that evening Jan 25, 1963

    1. Kath McNally

      Would you by any chance know of any of the Mustang Group who played with the Beatles. My husband was Ricky Day and he would love to contact the other members

        1. bob

          Thank you this brings back memories of Blackburn Mecca Dance Hall when I was a very shy teenager, the boys had to ask a girl to dance them days it took some courage to walk up to a girl on the dance floor if you got a no it was a long walk back!! the band always made this the last song of the night,

      1. Les Campbell

        Kath, my wifes uncle Ed Robinson played in the Mustangs, I’ve just sent details (27/12/2012) of the ticket for the event thats being auctioned. He lives in the States now.

  2. Allan Nicol

    Just spoken to a friend of mine who was in The Electones, and remembers speaking to The Beatles backstage that night. He remembers George being very nervous!

  3. Jackie Wright nee Fowler

    I was at the concert in 1963. I was going out with the Bass guitarist David Livesey. Went back stage with the group and got all the Beatles autographs, still have them to this day. Also have one of the original photos of the Mustangs as shown. All the lads went to Darwen Grammar School. Went to lots of practise sessions at ‘ The Dingle House’ where Russell Greenall lived. Knew Eddie Robinson as well.

    1. Stan Hickey

      Stan Hickey (Mustang’s drummer)

      Hi Jackie it was a great night and I remember you with Dave Livesey – I also remember talking drumming with Ringo. I wish I could find my copies of their autographs but fat chance after all this time

  4. Jack Bentley

    I was the Rhythm Guitarist and one of the original founder members of The Mustangs. We all met at Grammar School and played as one of the support groups to The Beatles at Darwen Co-op. I stayed with them until 1967 and saw many personnel changes. I was replaced by Bryn Howarth when they decided to turn professional. Unfortunately that only lasted about 3 weeks!! Don’t recall Eddie Robinson ever being in the group. He used to play in another local group called The Shotguns.
    Still best mates with Stan Hickey (just cant shake him off!! Not true).. Have lost touch with guys like Russ Greenall, Al Bradshaw, John Madden. Still speak to Robin Duxbury from time to time.

  5. Monica

    I’m actually a sales representative for a Wireless carrier in Ohio and have met Ed on multiple occasions. He comes in and tells me these stories every month when he comes to pay his bill. He told me he lives in Canada and comes to Ohio for the harsh winter up north.

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