Radio: The Talent Spot

This was The Beatles' third and final radio appearance of the day, on the BBC Light Programme's show The Talent Spot.

The group arrived at the BBC's Paris Studio in London at 5.30pm and began rehearsing for the hour-long session, which started at 7pm. They performed three songs before a studio audience: Please Please Me, Ask Me Why and Some Other Guy.

The half-hour show, presented by Gary Marshall, was broadcast from 5pm on 29 January. The Beatles had previously appeared on The Talent Spot on 27 November 1962.

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  1. David C de Rivaz

    The Talent Spot wchich were performed in BBC Light Programme from, until 5.30 pm. This will includes Ted Taylor Four and their guests. Duffy Power and the Tornados. Ted Taylor Four plays. “Surfrider” and also the “Pipeline” and then it also plays Joe Meek`s “Ice Cream Man2 and their guests. Freddie and the Dreamers and the Sunspots and Pg Pete Duker.

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