Live: Cavern Club, Liverpool

The Beatles performed two shows on this day. The first was a lunchtime booking at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where they were guaranteed an enthusiastic reception from their loyal fanbase.

This was their 271st appearance at the Cavern, and their 152nd lunchtime show.

In the evening they travelled to Birkenhead to perform at the Majestic Ballroom.

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2 responses on “Live: Cavern Club, Liverpool

  1. gene

    i’ve been looking for some time of the beatles singing other songs at the cavern club besides “some other guy” why do they show just that song? i’m quite sure they sang other songs that night, and hopefully recorded!? please get back to me on this, if this is the only song that was videoed, hope it’s not, please let me know, the best you can, one way or another, thank you for your time, gene

    1. Joe Post author

      The footage of Some Other Guy (and Kansas City, plus some other shots of the crowd and band) constitutes the only known footage of The Beatles at the Cavern. It was done on 22 August 1962, but wasn’t shown until the following year because the quality wasn’t great.

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