Live: La Scala Ballroom, Runcorn

The Beatles performed just twice in the Cheshire town of Runcorn, 14 miles south of Liverpool. This was their first visit.

They played at the La Scala Ballroom on the High Street. The group returned to the venue on 11 December 1962.

Designed by Leonard Clegg, La Scala was built in 1913 and was initially used as a cinema. From 1957 it was converted to a ballroom, and featured live acts on alternate evenings. It was used as a club until 1987 when it was converted to a bingo hall, but closed in 2006. Demolition of the building began in August 2012.

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3 responses on “Live: La Scala Ballroom, Runcorn

  1. Peter Hayes

    I was born and bred in Greenway Road (see the road at the bottom of this map, the block at the bottom with Okell St at the back, second house down), the place where my parents still live there now! Its a great shame La Scala was knocked down last year, it has some kind of history to everyone living in Runcorn! But it definitely has a far better piece of history for my parents and many of the Hayes family, rather than me, as it was the local place to go out and jive and hear all the talent coming through, dates at the La Scala! Best times of their lives! A place where many of the family met their partners too! Its great to hear the stories of the many that once went to one of the two (or both) of the Beatles performances! Now we look at where the La Scala used to stand! Just flattened rubble! What a waste, an eerie feeling I get if only I had being able to go back in time 50 years, just for two days into 1962!!

  2. Robert Stringer

    I am Robert Stringer and lived in Lord Street Runcorn from the age of four, and I am now nearlt 60 years old and live near Eindhoven in Holland (A long way from home), however The La Scala Ballroom was my very first experience of the swinging 60?s. My Father & Uncle both worked there and took me to see The Beatles in Rehearsals before they played I was 7 years old then and it was fantastic to be in the Ballroom it was a fantastic place to see – I was only seven years old.

    It is with great sadness to see that La Scala has been demolished, however it will Always be a memory and a part of my childhoood that I will Always remember.

  3. Roy cox

    I remember la scala very well and was sorry to hear that it has now gone.I now live is Hertfordshire but seeing the Beatles in Runcorn in 1962 at la scala is a cherished memory.I lived in Runcorn from 1955 to 1975 and my parents who were born there owned to two public houses.The Boathouse in Mersey road and the southbank inn in Waterloo road.I’m not sure but a lady called val or viv worked with my parents in the southbank and may have been your mum as she lived in Lord street.I remember her as being a very happy smiley person who was always laughing and being kind to everyone.If I remember correctly half way down Lord street was were two corner shops and one if them had a sign that said “in God we trust,everybody else pays cash”!!!I’m 68 now but can still remember when we provided the bar at the scala for dances on Saturday nights and sometimes for the Merseyview in Frodsham happy days.I wish you well in Holland and thank you for sharing some special moments God bless

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