Live: Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight – Ringo Starr’s first official show as a Beatle

Following the sacking of Pete Best, The Beatles were quick to recruit their new drummer.

Ringo Starr wasn't a stranger to the band, having stood in for them on several occasions in Hamburg and Liverpool, where he primarily played for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

Ringo first played on the same bill as The Beatles on 13 March 1959, on the opening night of the Morgue Skiffle Cellar in Liverpool. He was playing with Al Caldwell's Texans, and further down the bill were the Quarrymen. Caldwell later became Rory Storm; the Quarrymen, of course, were to become The Beatles.

On 18 August 1962, for the first time, The Beatles were officially John, Paul, George and Ringo. Following a two-hour rehearsal they played at the Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight from 10pm. The occasion was the local horticultural society's 17th annual dance.

The capacity for Hulme Hall was 450 but, due to the popularity of The Beatles, it was unofficially enlarged to 500 when they performed. The other three dates they played at the venue were 7 July, and 6 and 27 October 1962.

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8 responses on “Live: Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight – Ringo Starr’s first official show as a Beatle

  1. Bill Bijak

    Pete Best was fired on August 15th never to play with the Beatles again. The Beatles played the Majestic Ballroom on Friday, August 17th, 1962. They played with Faron and the Flamingoes and Carl Terry and the Cruisers.

    Did Ringo play this date or did someone else sit in ?

  2. fkilmore

    Ringo was playing at Butlins Skegness when Epstein rang and asked him to join the Beatles (recalled by Bobby Thompson, bassist with Rory Storm in The Butlins Story ITV3)…Epstein asked Ringo to shave off his beard, and get a Beatle haircut…/..I can never understand why Rory Storm didnt complain, or why Best didnt join the Hurricanes?.. /…If the Beatles had played Skegness instead of Hamburg, would they have had the same enigmatic rock n roll heritage?…(It was OK for Rossi and Parfitt of Status Quo who met there with different bands)

  3. george lennon

    sorry to say mate but hume hall is in birkenhead thats the name of the town full address is hume hall portsunlight birkenhead i know i live there

  4. Lee

    No it isn’t, i was born there, Hulme Hall is Port Sunlight , Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire (was Merseyside) Ringo first gig was 18th at Hulme Hall (my mum and dad played the previous weeks gig on the 11th 🙂

  5. John Sullivan

    History certainly has been manipulated here.and it’s about time it was put right.That night at Hume Hall The Beatles were 2nd on the bill.Top of the bill were,The Saxons a Birkenhead band,led by tenor sax player Ken Newton,baritone Sax,Phil Darlington,lead guitar,John Sullivan, Piano,W.Williams.Bass and drums can’t remember there names.We practiced in Kens house opposite the old fire station on Borougher road Birkenhead. Here’a bit more useless information!! Later on down the line we played the Liverpool Phil in a battle of the bands type show,hosted by Tony Visconti.At the end of our performance,The Saxons that is, the Beatles came on stage,apparently Ken knew Starky (Ringo) quite well. They were all tanned and had just returned from a holiday. Personally,I had no idea who they were.Ken introduced Ringo to us, and that was that. A few months down the line they had a record out (Love me do). So! I digress, O! Ken’s alive, and resides in Spain, And I live in Oxton.
    Regards,John Sullivan,lead guitarist….,.PS.If history was as honest as this trivial piece of information, the world be a far nicer place.

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