Recording: Ain’t She Sweet, Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby, Nobody’s Child

The Beatles had recorded a number of songs with singer Tony Sheridan on the previous two days at Friedrich-Ebert-Halle school in Hamburg. This third session took place at a professional studio in the city, known as Studio Rahlstedt, situated at Gebäude M1, Rahlau 128, Hamburg-Tonndorf.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Halle sessions had yielded four songs: ‘My Bonnie’, ‘The Saints’, ‘Why’ and ‘Cry For A Shadow’. They recorded three more on this day: ‘Ain’t She Sweet’, ‘Nobody’s Child’ and ‘Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby’

Ain't She Sweet single sleeve (US), 1964

Ain’t She Sweet, which was later released on 1995’s Anthology 1, featured lead vocals by John Lennon, whereas Tony Sheridan sang on the day’s other two recordings. The session was produced by orchestral leader Bert Kaempfert.

The Beatles returned to Studio Rahlstedt on 24 May 1962 for a final session produced by Bert Kaempfert, in which they recorded versions of Sweet Georgia Brown and Swanee River.

Live: Top Ten Club, Hamburg
Live: Top Ten Club, Hamburg
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