Live: Lathom Hall, Liverpool

For one night only, the group performed as The Silver Beats, for their first proper show for Liverpool promoter Brian Kelly.

Kelly, known as Beekay, ran a number of Liverpool venues including Litherland Town Hall, Alexandra Hall and the Aintree Institute. The Beatles performed at numerous Beekay shows in their early days.

The show's other performers were The Deltones, and King Size Taylor and the Dominoes. The Silver Beats were neither advertised nor scheduled to appear, and had originally turned up at the Casanova Club. Cliff Roberts and the Rockers had been double booked for both venues that night, and Roberts suggested that the Silver Beats take their place at Lathom Hall.

Kelly was impressed with the group, and booked them for a dance one week later, on 21 May, when they were to headline over King Size Taylor. However, four days later London-based promoter Larry Parnes offered them tour of Scotland as the backing group for singer Johnny Gentle.

The Silver Beetles failed to tell Kelly, who advertised their expected performance and had to deal with disappointed fans on the night. As a result they received no more bookings from Kelly for several months, until Bob Wooler convinced him to change his mind.

The Beatles played at Lathom Hall on 11 occasions, though only this time was as The Silver Beats. The other dates were 7, 20, 21, 28 and 30 January; and 4, 6, 10, 11 and 25 February 1961.

Lathom Hall was built in 1884 as a cinema and was situated in the Seaforth district of Liverpool.

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2 responses on “Live: Lathom Hall, Liverpool

  1. Cliff Roberts

    To set the record straight, I was booked to appear at Lathom Hall but I was double bookead to play at the Casanova Club. The Silver Beatles also turned up but were told that C.R. and the Rockers were booked for that evening I asked the Beatles to go to Latham Hall in my place and to tell Brian Kelly that I was sick.
    The Cliff Roberts who played drums with them that night,was not me, we just shared the same name.
    Cliff Roberts

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