Paul McCartney’s debut with the Quarrymen

Liverpudlian promoter Charlie 'Mac' McBain held regular skiffle and rock events at his venues. On Friday 18 October he ran one such event, at the New Clubmoor Hall in Norris Green, Liverpool. It was the first show in which Paul McCartney appeared onstage with the Quarrymen.

McCartney played lead guitar. First-night nerves, however, caused him to make a hash of his solo during the Quarrymen's version of Arthur Smith's 1946 instrumental hit Guitar Boogie. Read more »

Live: Rosebery St, Liverpool

The Quarrymen played twice on this day. In the afternoon they performed on the back of a stationary coal lorry, and that evening took part in a street party, both in Liverpool's Rosebery Street. Read more »