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UK album release: Let It Be

The Beatles’ final album was released in the UK on this day. Ostensibly the soundtrack to their fifth film, Let It Be was issued only in stereo, initially as Apple PXS 1.

UK single release: Let It Be

The Beatles’ final UK single of their career, not including various reissues and the Anthology releases, was Let It Be.

UK single release: Something/Come Together

In the United Kingdom, The Beatles had never previously issued songs after they had been made available on an album. All singles were either standalone releases, or came out on the same day as the parent album.

UK album release: Abbey Road

The Beatles’ 12th official album, Abbey Road, was released in the UK on this day. Their last-recorded album, it was issued only in stereo, as Apple PCS 7088.

UK album release: Electronic Sound by George Harrison

The Beatles’ experimental label Zapple Records was launched on this day, with the UK release of two albums: George Harrison‘s Electronic Sound and John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s Unfinished Music No 2: Life With The Lions.

UK single release: Hey Jude

The Beatles second – and final – UK single of 1968 was an all-time classic. Hey Jude, with Revolution on the b-side, was also the group’s first on their Apple label.

UK EP release: Magical Mystery Tour

More than two weeks before its accompanying film received its premiere on BBC television, The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour EP was released.

UK single release: Hello, Goodbye

The Beatles’ third and final single of 1967 was issued in the UK on this day: Hello, Goodbye, with I Am The Walrus as its b-side.

UK EP release: Nowhere Man

Although the Rubber Soul album had been on sale for more than six months, Parlophone on this day issued a mono EP containing four songs from it.

UK EP release: Yesterday

On the same day that John Lennon’s comments that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus were first published, The Beatles released the Yesterday EP in the United Kingdom.

UK single release: Woman by Peter And Gordon

Peter And Gordon released a single, Woman, on this day in the United Kingdom. It was written by Paul McCartney under the pseudonym Bernard Webb, and was issued as Columbia DB7834.