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Live: Cavern Club, Liverpool (evening)

By February 1963 appearances by The Beatles at Liverpool’s Cavern Club certainly weren’t unusual. However, by this time their fame had grown considerably, and demand to see them was high.

Pete Best is sacked from The Beatles

George Martin was impressed enough by The Beatles’ debut session for EMI on 6 June to offer them a recording contract. However, he was less pleased with the band’s drummer, Pete Best.

Paul McCartney and Pete Best are arrested in Hamburg

Having been told on 1 November that their contract to perform at his Kaiserkeller club was being terminated by owner Bruno Koschmider, The Beatles began moving their belonging to the attic room above the nearby Top Ten Club.

Travel: Liverpool to Hamburg

The second major phase in The Beatles’ story was about to begin. On 16 August 1960 they embarked on the journey from Liverpool to Hamburg, Germany.

Pete Best auditions for The Beatles

Since The Beatles had an impending trip to play in Hamburg but no drummer, they held an audition for the vacant position at the Blue Angel, manager Allan Williams‘ Liverpool club.

The Beatles ask Pete Best to join

With their Saturday night residency at the Grosvenor Ballroom cancelled due to local complaints, The Beatles had some time off. On this night they went to Mona Best’s Casbah Coffee Club where they saw The Blackjacks playing.

Live: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool

The Quarrymen’s Saturday night residency at Mona Best’s Casbah Coffee Club came to an end on this evening. In time-honoured musical tradition, it was because of an argument about money.

Live: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool

This was the opening night of a new social club for teenagers, based in the cellar of a large Victorian house at 8 Hayman’s Green, Liverpool.

Pete Best is born

Pete Best was born Randolph Peter Best on this day in Madras, India.