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Live: ABC Cinema, Edinburgh

This was the first of two visits The Beatles made to the ABC Cinema in Edinburgh, Scotland. The other took place on 19 October 1964.

Live: NME Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert

The Beatles topped the bill at the New Musical Express’ 1963-64 Annual Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert, playing before an audience of 10,000 people at the Empire Pool in Wembley, London.

Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

On this day The Beatles filmed the press interview scenes at the Scala Theatre, London, for their debut feature film A Hard Day’s Night.

Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

The day after filming the concert performance sequence at the Scala Theatre, London, The Beatles returned to the venue to shoot the more scenes.

Filming: A Hard Day’s Night

Following their four-day Easter break, The Beatles returned to London’s Scala Theatre to film the concert performance sequence which marked the climax of the A Hard Day’s Night film.

Live: Olympia Theatre, Paris

The usual two performances at the Olympia, topping a bill that also featured Trini Lopez and Sylvie Vartan. This was the eighth date of The Beatles’ Parisian residency.

Live: Olympia Theatre, Paris

This was the second date of The Beatles’ residency at the Olympia Theatre, on Paris’s Boulevard des Capucines.

Live: Olympia Theatre, Paris

From this day until Thursday 4 February 1964, The Beatles performed 18 days of concerts at Paris’ Olympia Theatre, on a nine-act bill, playing two and sometimes three sets each day.

Live: Cinéma Cyrano, Versailles

Ahead of their 18-day season at the Paris Olympia, The Beatles played a warm-up show at the Cinéma Cyrano, 7 Rue Rameau, in Versailles.

Live: The Beatles’ Christmas Show

The Beatles’ Christmas Show, which had been taking place at the Astoria Cinema in London’s Finsbury Park since 24 December 1963, continued on this evening with a further two performances. It was day 10 of the show’s run.

Live: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

This was the second preview of The Beatles’ Christmas Show in the north of England, ahead of its full run at the Astoria Cinema in Finsbury Park, London, on 24 December 1963.

Live: Gaumont Cinema, Bradford

Prior to the opening of The Beatles Christmas Show at the Astoria in Finsbury Park London, on 24 December 1963, there were two preview concerts held in the north of England. The first was at Bradford’s Gaumont Cinema, with the second taking place the following evening at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre.

Live: Odeon Cinema, Nottingham

The 33rd and penultimate date of The Beatles’ 1963 Autumn Tour of the UK and Ireland took place at the Odeon Cinema in Nottingham.

Live: Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster

This was the third and final occasion on which The Beatles performed at Doncaster’s Gaumont Cinema. They had previously visited on 5 February and 22 March 1963.