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Live: Carfax Assembly Rooms, Oxford

This was The Beatles’ only live appearance anywhere in the county of Oxfordshire. It was arranged by John Smith, a London-based promoter.

Travel: Hamburg to London

In preparation for their impending Scottish tour, The Beatles flew back from Hamburg to London on 1 January 1963.

Live: Grafton Rooms, Liverpool

Although The Quarrymen had previously performed at Liverpool’s Grafton Rooms, this was The Beatles’ first concert at the venue. They would play there four times in total, with the last taking place almost a year later on 2 August 1963.

John Lennon leaves Hamburg

Ten days after Paul McCartney and Pete Best had been deported from Germany, John Lennon travelled back to England by train and boat.

Pattie Boyd is born

Pattie Boyd, the future first wife of George Harrison, was born on this day.