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The Beatles Ltd is formed

With the success of The Beatles looking assured, and expectations for better things as their fame grew across the United Kingdom, Brian Epstein formed The Beatles Limited to handle their legal and business affairs.

John Lennon and Brian Epstein holiday in Barcelona, Spain

On this day Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr went on holiday to Santa Cruz, Tenerife, for a 12-day holiday. At the same time John Lennon accepted an offer from Brian Epstein to accompany him to Barcelona, for a trip also lasting 12 days.

Live: NEMS, Liverpool

The Beatles made a personal appearance at Brian Epstein‘s central Liverpool record store, NEMS, prior to an evening concert in Mold, Wales.

Recording: Please Please Me single

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road Producer: George Martin Engineer: Norman Smith The Beatles recorded their second single, Please Please Me, during a three hour session at Abbey Road’s studio two on 26 November 1962.

UK single release: Love Me Do

The Beatles’ debut single was released on 5 October 1962. It reached number 17 in the charts, which was a strong showing for a band’s first release.