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Television: Pops And Lenny

The Beatles made their second appearance on national BBC television, on the children’s show Pops And Lenny.

Television: Scene At 6.30

The Beatles mimed to From Me To You on the live television programme Scene At 6.30, broadcast in the north of England.

Radio: Pop Inn

The Beatles were in the BBC Paris Studio in London between 12.30 and 1.45pm for an interview on the BBC Light Programme radio show Pop Inn.

Radio: Easy Beat

The Beatles recorded three songs for the BBC radio show Easy Beat at the Playhouse Theatre, London on this day. It was their first appearance on the programme.

Radio: Side By Side

The Beatles recorded two shows for the radio series Side By Side, to be broadcast on the BBC Light Programme service.

Radio: On The Scene

The Beatles arrived at the BBC’s Piccadilly Studios in London in time for a 10am rehearsal for the BBC radio show On The Scene.

Radio: Saturday Club

The Beatles had been due to record a session for the BBC Light Programme radio show Saturday Club on 11 March 1963, but cancelled due to John Lennon‘s illness and a Radio Luxembourg appearance. They agreed instead to make a live appearance on this day.

Radio: Here We Go

The Beatles appeared five times on the BBC Light Programme’s radio show Here We Go (initially known as Teenager’s Turn – Here We Go). This was the final occasion.

Radio: Parade Of The Pops

Following the previous night’s concert at the Cavern Club, The Beatles drove down to London for a brief appearance on the BBC radio show Parade Of The Pops.

Radio: The Talent Spot

This was The Beatles’ third and final radio appearance of the day, on the BBC Light Programme’s show The Talent Spot.

Radio: Saturday Club

The Beatles’ second BBC radio appearance of the day was at the Playhouse Theatre, London, where they appeared on the popular and influential show Saturday Club, hosted by Brian Matthew.

Radio: Pop Inn

The Beatles had three radio engagements on this day. The first was at the BBC’s Paris Studio on Regent Street, London, where they appeared on the Pop Inn programme.

Radio: Here We Go

This was the second of The Beatles’ two Manchester bookings on this day, which overlapped with their performance on the People And Places programme.

John Lennon photographed in Liverpool

This picture of John Lennon with friend and Quarrymen manager Nigel Whalley was uncovered by the BBC during research for a 2007 episode of Inside Out.