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Live: Cavern Club, Liverpool (lunchtime)

The Beatles gave their 64th lunchtime performance at Liverpool’s Cavern Club on this day. This was also the 14th occasion on which they performed both lunchtime and evening shows at the venue, and the final such occurrence in 1961.

Pete Best auditions for The Beatles

Since The Beatles had an impending trip to play in Hamburg but no drummer, they held an audition for the vacant position at the Blue Angel, manager Allan Williams‘ Liverpool club.

Live: Blue Angel, Liverpool – audition for Larry Parnes

London-based music promoter Larry Parnes travelled to Liverpool to audition groups to back Billy Fury on a tour of northern England and Scotland. The audition took place at the Blue Angel, a club run by The Silver Beetles’ new manager Allan Williams. The venue was previously known as the Wyvern Social Club, and was located… Read more »

Live: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Having passed the preliminary audition for Carroll Levis’ TV Star Search earlier in the month, Johnny and the Moondogs took part in the regional finals held at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool.

Live: TV Star Search audition

Although the Quarrymen had entered the competition two years previously without success, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison returned to Liverpool’s Empire Theatre for another preliminary audition for the ABC TV’s talent show TV Star Search.