Queenie Eye

Artwork for Paul McCartney’s 2013 album NewWritten by: McCartney, Epworth
Recorded: 2013
Producer: Paul Epworth
Mixed by: Mark 'Spike' Stent

Released: 14 October 2013 (UK), 15 October 2013 (US)

Paul McCartney: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, lap steel guitar, piano, Moog, synthesiser, Mellotron, tambourine
Paul Epworth: drums

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Queenie Eye is the fourth song on Paul McCartney's 16th solo studio album New. It was written in collaboration by Paul McCartney and producer Paul Epworth.

Now this song, Queenie Eye, is based on a game we used to play when I was kids. You got to remember that's a long time ago and basically in kind of a poor area I was from. What you did you entertain yourself was go out in the street and play street games. There wasn't that much traffic, so you were pretty safe. And one of the games was called Queenie Eye.
Paul McCartney

The Queenie Eye video was released on 24 October 2013. It was filmed in Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios, Directed by Simon Aboud.

The video features guest appearances from Johnny Depp, Lily Cole, Tracey Ullman, Meryl Streep, Jude Law, Kate Moss, Sean Penn, Jeremy Irons, Tom Ford, Chris Pine, Alice Eve, James Corden, Laura Bailey and Gary Barlow.

The game

The song relates to McCartney's childhood in Liverpool, and is based on a chant from the children's game of the same name.

'Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye, who's got the ball? I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket, O-U-T spells OUT!' Someone stood with their back to the group and you had to approach gingerly, and if they looked around and saw you moving, you were out.
Paul McCartney
The Observer

The game is also known as Queenie, Queenie, who's got the ball? It is played with four or more players, one of which is picked as the 'queenie'. That person turns their back to the others, and throws a ball over his or her shoulder, turns and has to guess which of the other players has caught it.

As the queenie turns around the players shout:

Queenie, Queenie who's got the ball?
Are they short, or are they tall?
Are they hairy, or are they bald?
You don't know because you don't have the ball!

The queenie has to go through a process of elimination to work out who has the ball. If the last one to be picked is in possession, that person becomes the new queenie.

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  1. mieran keehan (@KeZronJames)

    Still competes with the best of them. Love the mellotron and chord progression. I know he has done this his whole career at points, but playing all the instruments on this is crazy. Think he is trying to remind people the old standards of a recording artist. As in writing, playing and performing there own material.

  2. Gabriella

    What a fabulous work of art! So glad to see the old McCartney back again. I didn’t like anything of his during the “Mills” era…. so it’s a relief to see his great talent seeping through once more!

  3. Jens Kristensen

    I think this video really looks made up. But I believe that because I had to look up who’s who. Sgt. Pepper’s still alive? I like this video. But I want to know all of the people.

    I only got Jack Savoretti, Alice Eve, Johnny Depp, Tracey Ullman, Chris Pien, James Corden,, Tom Ford, Laura Bailey, Gra Balow, Meryl Streep, Peter Blake, Kate Moss, Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Sean Penn, Lily Cole……………………….

    Can someone please help me???

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