Paul McCartney songs

Welcome to the Beatles Bible song list for Paul McCartney. On this page you'll find links to articles on certain songs recorded by McCartney during his post-Beatles solo career.

This list is sorted alphabetically. You can also find songs via the Paul McCartney albums list.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of McCartney's songs, but over time we intend to add to it.

6 responses on “Paul McCartney songs

    1. Joe Post author

      As it says at the top of the page, it’s a work in progress and I hope to add to it. I’m not taking requests, though, so please don’t put forward songs you think I need to cover! When I have time I’ll do them all.

      1. Stevie D

        As far as not doing requests, wouldn’t it be helpful to have people offer you Titles to help make you list more comprehensive. You could ad said songs as an addendum without hyperlinks?

        1. Joe Post author

          It wouldn’t be helpful to me, but thanks for the offer. He’s written so many songs that the list would mainly contain non-hyperlinked entries, making it harder to find the actual content. Also, at the moment I’m not writing any song articles so there’s not likely to be any progress on this in the near future.

    1. Joe Post author

      Not really – to go much further I need to find time to write more, but at the moment I’m just not able. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to make more progress. Glad you like the site!

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