Wild Life

Wild Life album artwork - WingsRecorded: August 1971
Producer: Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney
Engineers: Alan Parsons, Tony Clark

Released: 15 November 1971 (UK), 6 December 1971 (US)

Paul McCartney: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, recorder
Linda McCartney: vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine: guitar, recorder
Denny Seiwell: drums


6 responses on “Wild Life

  1. Joseph Brush

    I love the impromptu feeling of this album. The lack of production and calculation after “Ram” was most welcome to me.
    The first two tracks are FUN.
    The title track and “Dear Friend”
    and especially “Tomorrow” are among my favourite all time Macca songs.

  2. Tweeze

    I admit – after 40 years I still can’t get through this collection of semi-music. I was making this kind of crap on my own already and I was still in my mid-teens. I didn’t need this from Paul, too. I can’t even get through ‘Tomorrow’ – it grates – but I think it is more likely the performance that is killing my enthusiasm than the song.

  3. Barry

    I’ve always considered WILD LIFE a solid album, from start to finish. “Some People Never Know” is my favorite track. Though it’s not as well known in the McCartney catalogue. “Mumbo” is an awesome rocking opener… I love the organ part as well as the cranked up guitars. “Tomorrow” could have been a hit single.

  4. GK

    I have defended this album since it was released ! At school, I was 13, virtually no one like it , where as Ram was loved ( by most ) eventually ! I love & still do, the rougher side to Paul. Spontaneity was fresh then & it was not supposed to sound over produced ! Had anyone heard or played reggae before ” Love Is Strange ” ? Tomorrow & Some People Never Know are classy songs ! Wild life it self is years ahead of its time ! Dear Friend was the answer to John……………………I even liked the instrumental links ! All the songs apart from I Am Your Singer maybe, are sung superbly !

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