Venus And Mars

Venus And Mars album artwork - WingsRecorded: November 1974 – March 1975
Producer: Paul McCartney

Released: 30 May 1975 (UK), 27 May 1975 (US)

Paul McCartney: vocals, bass guitar, piano
Linda McCartney: vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine: vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Jimmy McCulloch: vocals, guitar
Joe English: drums
Jeff Britton: drums
Dave Mason: guitar
Allen Toussaint: piano
Tom Scott: saxophone


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      1. Joe Post author

        They weren’t UK singles though. Here are the UK releases (and chart placings) up to Venus And Mars:
        Another Day (2)
        Back Seat Of My Car (39)
        Give Ireland Back To The Irish (16)
        Mary Had A Little Lamb (9)
        Hi, Hi, Hi (5)
        My Love (9)
        Live And Let Die (9)
        Helen Wheels (12)
        Jet (7)
        Band On The Run (3)
        Junior’s Farm (16)
        Listen To What The Man Said (6)
        Letting Go (41)
        Venus And Mars (failed to chart)

        You could argue that Letting Go was the first to not chart, as generally only the top 40 counted in those days. Walking In The Park With Eloise (by The Country Hams, October 1974) also failed to chart, but it’s not normally considered a proper McCartney single (he played bass on it and his dad Jim wrote it).

  1. paulsbass

    A guy called Afro is playing Congas on the album.
    I also think that the “Venus and Mars” acoustic guitar sounds VERY much like Paul, so it might be fair to assume he joined in on the recording.

      1. paulsbass

        According to a German book called “Listen to what the man said” (1991) by Judtih Philipp/Rolf Aimon he plays on “Rockshow”.

        It’s a nice book, with commentaries to almost every Macca solo song.
        Unfortunately it’s not always correct, and they don’t make excact quotes.
        They DO list their sources at the end, but they don’t name the source at the quote.

        They also have a day by day history of Paul, with interviews, concerts and everything, from 1970 to 1990.

        They don’t say anything about Macca’s guitar playing (compare to Mull of Kintyre) , but the hard “attack” on the strumming at the beginning is very much Paul’s style, and it would be natural for him to play on the title track.

        1. GK

          I was lucky enough to see the 1975 World Tour rehearsals at Elstree Studios . This album was out that summer and although they played quite a few career spanning tracks, including some Beatles tracks , “Venus and Mars ” was the BIG FEATURE .
          I saw them at Hammersmith Odeon, twice , and the minute Paul sat on stage playing his acoustic to Venus and Mars everyone was enthralled ! A real live Beatle and a good band , now with Jimmy McCullough and Joe English joining Linda and Denny and Paul .
          Rock Show on the album is longer than the one heard on the radio as a single edit , none the worse for that as it blasts out ! I loved ” Love In Song” with its 12 string and “Back to the Home Land ” lyrics. This is a beautiful and timeless piece of music. “Letting Go ” , I love , the brother of ” Let Me Roll It ” from Band On the Run , good lyrics .
          Other highlights , ” Medicine Jar” by Jimmy McCullough, great rock track with a good vocal from Jimmy , those lovely Paul and Linda backing vocals that are so under rated , and blistering guitar from Jimmy . What a shame Jimmy ended up dead four later at such a young age , how did that happen ?
          “Listen to What The Man Said” most people will know, perfect single for the sunny summer of 1975 , “Soldier Boy . kisses girl ” people criticise Paul’s lyrics sometimes, but there is a touch that gets you .
          ” Treat Her Kind / Lonely Old People ” great melody , brave song , it wasn’t hip to sing about old people in 1975.
          “You Never Give Me The Answer ” , sort of 30′s pastiche (prabably for his Dad) , is a cousin of “Honey Pie ” from the White album , not my taste . ” Magneto and Titanium Man ” had the big comic backdrops on the Concert Tour, commercial and unusual, proving Paul could write about anything, not to every ones taste though. Denny sang “Spirits of Ancient Egypt” , which I always wanted to like , but never quite gets there.”Call Me Back Again ” with Paul showing off on vocals , but quite a weak track really .
          Finished by “Cross Roads” after the Lonely Only People medley , then the immortal line “Nice Bass Player”
          After Band On the Run ” there was a feeling of anti climax from some people. But its upbeat , full of great hooks and melodies, great vocals as always, so well worth buying.

  2. robert

    I’ve always felt that title song Venus and Mars was about Lennon and McCartney – consider the opening lyrics, and how John was supposed to come down to New Orleans to write and play with Paul again – I think Paul wrote this in anticipation of that – as if they are two planets back in orbit again. Anyone else?

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