Choba B CCCP

Choba B CCCP (Russian Album) artwork: Paul MccartneyRecorded: 20-21 July 1987
Producer: Paul McCartney
Engineer: Peter Henderson

Released: 31 October 1988 (USSR), 30 September 1991 (UK), 29 October 1991 (US)

Paul McCartney: vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Mick Green: guitar
Mick Gallagher: piano, keyboards
Nick Garvey: vocals, bass guitar
Chris Whitten: drums
Henry Spinetti: drums, percussion


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    The title of the album “Choba B CCCP” is an incorrect transliteration, using a combination of Latin (English) — “Choba” — and Cyrillic (Russian) — “B CCCP” — letters. The correct transliteration (using ALL Latin letters), which would help English speakers pronounce the title, should be “Snova V SSSR.” And, as indicated in the text, it should be pronounced “snova vee ess-ess-ess er.”

    1. Joe Post author

      You’re right, of course, and the title ideally should have been written correctly, but unfortunately the website can’t handle Cyrillic letters very well. Also the album is commonly known among English-speaking fans (and on McCartney’s own website) as Choba B CCCP, so it would be a bit confusing if I changed it here!

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