Days in the life: The Beatles’ history

As well as the songs, albums, people, galleries and other features, we've also got a day-by-day guide to The Beatles' career, from their births to the breakup and beyond.

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Here is a listing of all 3,402 of the Beatles Bible's historical blog posts written so far. The number of articles/comments are in brackets.

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30 responses on “Days in the life: The Beatles’ history

  1. John Frum

    This list is very uneven: Maureen Cox’ birthday is there, but not Barbara Bach’s (27 August 1947). John’s half-sister Victoria is mentioned, but not George’s well-known sister Louise (b. 16 August 1931), or George’s brothers.

    A work in progress?

    1. Joe Post author

      Yes, of course it’s a work in progress – the list certainly isn’t finished (at the time of writing I’m midway through 1964). However, I’m not going to list the birth dates of every sibling and wife. The partners I’ve written about played key roles in the story up to the 1970 break-up (Barbara Bach came in afterwards), and the siblings are mentioned when there’s a particularly interesting background story (hence Victoria’s inclusion).

      Life’s too short to detail absolutely everyone, and I don’t think there’s really a demand for it. And where do you stop? Should I mention the births of The Beatles’ parents? Grandparents? School teachers, promoters and studio staff? I’d probably only add Louise Harrison et al if/when I’d covered everything else, but it’s unlikely I’ll do it.

  2. marc

    Hello !
    Realy great Page ! Thanx a lot !
    Ich have some dates for your History:
    22.10.89 Paul live in Munich Olympiahall Germany
    09.09.93 Paul live in Munich Olympiahall Germany
    13.07.2011 Rino Starr and his all Star Band live Munich Cirkus Krone Germany
    (The Place the Beatles played in 1966)

    All these Concerts where Parts of a tour, so I think it must be possible to find out the other tour Dates !
    Greetings from munich !

    1. Joe Post author

      Thanks. I’m not taking user submissions at this stage. There are a great many other tour dates and other incidents to include, and this comments section would be awash with suggestions if everyone got involved. I have plenty of information still to add, I just need to find time to make all the pages.

  3. roy lomas

    the beatles played at the majestic club in oldham on a friday night in 1961/2 I help them up the stair into the ballroom and on to the stage derrick johns was the campare ican remember they was £5

  4. Russell

    I thought the Long Tall Sally EP was released in the UK on 6/19/1964 but I didnt see it in the history anywhere. Did I miss it or have the wrong date?

  5. mja6758

    Don’t know if this is any use but here are the dates I’ve tracked down over the years from my own notes on people. Never been able to find b’day for, say, Rod Davis, but I have a lot – though you may already have them all.

    Len Garry (6 January 1942)
    Eric Griffiths (31 October 1940-29 January 2005)
    Colin Hanton (12 December 1938)
    Johnny “Hutch” Hutchinson (18 July 1940)
    John Charles “Duff” Lowe (13 April 1942)
    Thomas Henry “Tommy” Moore (12 September 1931-29 September 1981)
    Peter Shotton (4 August 1941)
    Ivan Vaughan (18 June 1942-16 August 1993)
    Nigel Whalley (30 June 1941)

  6. edward slack

    Hello. I saw the Beatles at Luton Odeon September 6th 63. I am desperately seeking an answer to the following. I was at Luton Airport on my bike sometime 64 I think. A chauffeur driven car stopped by me to ask the way to the terminal. In it was John, George, Cynthia and I suppose Patti. They took a chartered DH125 (red and white I think). When was this ? Where were they going ? I’ve checked all history sites to no avail. Please help.

  7. Michael K

    As a result of Eminem having all of his albums in the Billboard 200 currently, some interesting data has emerged for two dates in 2010 on which The Beatles beat set records for number of simultaneous albums on the BB200 and which I think duly must be added to ‘Beatles history’, especially as they break, at the end of 2010, the record they set at the beginning of 2010!

    On the Jan. 9, 2010 chart, folliowing the 090909 release of their remasters on CD, they logged 11 albums
    simultaneously on the chart
    On the Dec. 4, 2010 chart, following their iTunes debut, they logged 14 albums
    simultaneously on the chart


  8. Ron Nasty

    I hate this page. I hate it with a vengeance! So fecking long to load. 3000+ entries, what else can be expected?!!!

    Anyway way to subdivide it beneath years? Front page gives years, open the year and it gives you that year’s diary entry links. I’m sure it would speed up loading if front page was years, and the specific was behind that.

  9. Michael Wolf

    Thanks for this, Joe. Of particular interest to me were the pre Beatlemania years and how hard those guys worked. Night after night after night with the occasional lunch gig, no wonder they were so tight. I’ve worked in hard working bands like that from time to time and it was killer! Clearly you’ve put a lot of work into this excellent diary as we’ll (so much so you’ve made poor ron nasty’s head spin) and for that I applaud you! Now on to the rest of your site and my ongoing Beatles retrospective. With glass raised – Cheers!

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