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Why the Beatles will never happen again
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23 May 2013
A Beginning
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23 May 2013
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Mod note: another thread on this topic is here http://www.beatlesbible.com/fo.....r-beatles/

It's just a mathematical anomoly that the two best songwriters of a century in a particular genre would be born in the same decade, never mind being roughly the same age, in the same country, same city, and after all that end up in the same band.  Because usually hugely talented people don't like to share the spotlight with someone else on their same level.  It would be like if Michael Jackson and Madonna in the dance music/pop genre, had somehow ended up writing songs for the same group. 

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Silly Girl
23 May 2013
Von Bontee
A Hole In The Road
Apple rooftop
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14 December 2009
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I've got nothing against Madonna or Michael (and I own several of their albums) but I don't think either one are in the same league as Lennon-McCartney, if you're talking about playing/singing/songwriting/composing. As celebrities & pop phenomenons, definitely. (Plus they're much better dancers too!) A better comparison to McCartney would be Prince, as far as matching skill sets goes.

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23 May 2013
Into the Sky with Diamonds
New York
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9 August 2011
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Ralphrennick makes a good point, and one that I often marveled at.

But it does happen. In orthopedics,  two of the biggest names in knee biomechanics (Maquet and Pauwels) happen to have come from nearby towns in Belgium and lived around the same time. And yet, even so, they didn't live in the exact same town and meet when they were teenagers!

With the Beatles, you also have to add Harrison and Starr. Neither is/has been a genius, but as often noted on this Forum, they fit in perfectly!

In music, you'd have to go with Mozart and Bach and a couple of other musicians who'd be capable of fitting in with both.


"Into the Sky with Diamonds" (the Beatles and the Race to the Moon – a history)
23 May 2013
A Beginning
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23 May 2013
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Von Bontee said
I've got nothing against Madonna or Michael (and I own several of their albums) but I don't think either one are in the same league as Lennon-McCartney, if you're talking about playing/singing/songwriting/composing. As celebrities & pop phenomenons, definitely. (Plus they're much better dancers too!) A better comparison to McCartney would be Prince, as far as matching skill sets goes.

No I don't think either of them are in the same league as songwriters (although MJ's way with a pop hook might be close).  I guess I was going more on sales and total number of hit songs when trying to compare rock with another genre.  And absolutely, Prince is amazing.  As great a songwriter as he was, he might also be one of the most underrated guitarists of all time.


I suppose another good reason a phenomenon like the Beatles won't happen again is that music is so fragmented.  Back then there were a couple big Top 40 stations in each market, and they played all the best rock, R&B, Soul, whatever was a hit.  Now there are so many genres and subgenres of music; terrestrial radio is dying, and people listen to their own music on ipod or make their own Pandora stations based on just what they like.  I doubt with the way things are now there could be one group that captures everyone's attention in the dramatic way the Beatles did.


It was just a perfect confluence of factors, the right guys met at the right time, in the right era.  I can't see any single musician or group now having the cultural impact they did, to where, as my dad says, the day after the first Ed Sullivan appearance, all the kids at his school were combing their hair a different way.

24 May 2013
Candlestick Park
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16 August 2012
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Add this to the reasons:

What genre were/are the Beatles?  While the early albums were for the most part straightforward rock with a few curveballs, the band eventually made albums and singles that were completely uncategorizable by modern standards.  "Yellow Submarine" "Elenor Rigby", "Within You Without You", "Hey Jude", "When I'm 64", "Honey Pie"...  The list goes on.   No band today could ever release songs in so many styles and expect any success.

I'm actually hard-pressed to name one other band that ever did it.  The Rolling Stones had a few diversions, but even they stuck mostly to a formula.  The Who may qualify, but they really were never a huge crossover band.  You either liked them, you hated them or you just knew a handful of songs on the radio.

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Silly Girl
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24 May 2013
Sitting in an English garden
Apple rooftop
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3 May 2012
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I think they appealed to the general public, as well. I know at first it was all about how long their hair was and the fact that they were from up north but once they had been in the public eye for a bit, and most in the UK knew of them, people got to see how charming these four lads were. I know they're not all the same but if you look at the majority of artists nowadays, a lot of them haven't got that (for whatever reason).

That's a contributing factor as well, I think.

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25 May 2013
Egroeg Evoli
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6 December 2012
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This has probably already been said in some way, but I think one of the reasons would be that The Beatles have already changed things, and now those things can't really be changed. For example, The Beatles' music fit into many genres, and most people didn't listen to very many genres before they listened to The Beatles. Today, there are many genres of music, and people listen to a lot of them (although not all by the same artist). Also, The Beatles wore their hair long, and boys/men didn't do that before The Beatles were popular. Today, people wear their hair at all different lengths. There are probably many more examples. So, even if there were an artist/group similar to The Beatles today, they wouldn't be able to change things as drastically as The Beatles did.

I don't know if that makes any sense...

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28 May 2015
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17 October 2013
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Do you think it could ever happen again……..?


A new Beatles…..Not a new 5 min wonder, manufactured boy band…..that the girls will scream over until they bore of them and everyone else will largely ignore??

…But a band of some talent…….that becomes popular and then flowers and grows and changes beyond all expectations. So that from within the band songs emerge that the whole world will sing…….and want to hear again and again. A band that builds on existing formats and bends and shapes and fits new sounds into our ears. That unites East and West…North and South….Black and White…….And that 45 years after it's last recordings sounds as fresh……and relevant as it did in the recording studio. That 50 years on people will still be writing about and discussing and respecting more with every new thing they learn.?

I hope it can………But I can't see it ever happening again…..What do you think?

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Into the Sky with Diamonds
28 May 2015
Ron Nasty
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17 December 2012
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@Wigwam This old thread may interest you as it asks the same question.

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28 May 2015
the Netherlands
Hollywood Bowl
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27 March 2015
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I think it can, but it'd probably be a completely new type of music. I actually had an interesting discussion with my mum this morning. It's safe to say the Beatles (but also other great names such as Queen, Michael Jackson, etc) are the modern-day equivalent of the famous classical composers. I do believe the Fab Four are to contemporary music what Mozart was to classical music. I know it's a bold statement to make, but the parallels are there. And just like the popular composers are still relevant today, I also think the Beatles will remain relevant for many, many years. 

Given the current state of the music industry, I highly doubt we'll see this happening again any time soon. But once music goes through another big transformation, the new music will undoubtedly have its own "Beatles". 

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Into the Sky with Diamonds, Silly Girl

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4 July 2015
Ahhh Girl
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20 August 2013
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When Paul was asked if there could ever be another Beatles, here's what he said.

ESQ: Not to diminish your achievements, but The Beatles’ success came at a very specific moment. Clearly, the world was ready for it. Could a band ever have that kind of impact again or has the culture changed too much?

PM: We don’t live in that culture any more, that’s true. We came out of a very rich period. But let’s not forgot, those four boys were fucking good. It wasn’t just to do with the period. You name me another group of four chaps, or chapesses, who had what The Beatles had. Lennon’s skill, intelligence, acerbic wit, McCartney’s melody, whatever he’s got, Harrison’s spirituality, Ringo’s spirit of fun, great drumming. We all played, which is pretty hard. You don’t get a lot of that these days. The noise we made was just those four people playing. We came at the right time. We wrote some pretty good stuff, our own material. We didn’t have writers. Could that happen again? I don’t know. I wish people well but I have a feeling it couldn’t.

He's got a feeling. A feeling he can't hide. I share that feeling with him.

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Silly Girl
4 July 2015
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1 November 2013
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The problem with a new Beatles is that they would be making new music so most of the forum peeps will miss it.

Never say never, cause it's never 'never'


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