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Beatles: Rock Band
9 August 2009

If anyone has played the videogames "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band" (or any of their many spin-offs), this is coming out shortly, and looks promising if you're a fan of the genre.….._Rock_Band

Anyone else here interested in the game?

10 August 2009
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31 March 2008

Definitely. I'd love to get a copy, though 090909 is going to be an expensive time with the remasters and everything (and I'm moving house in October, hopefully, which will make it an expensive time). I'd like the Rickenbacker controller too, though I gather some of the older Guitar Hero/Rock Band controllers will be compatible (there's a chart here:

My brother-in-law has one of the Guitar Hero games – good fun and everything, but nothing will come close to playing along with Paperback Writer or Get Back (or any of the others!).

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10 August 2009
mrs mustard

I was super excited when I heard abt it. I plan on fully investing into it.

22 August 2009
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Shea Stadium
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21 August 2009

I'm hoping to get it for my birthday next month. It looks terrific- I can't wait. They include so many great songs, including a few personal favourites, so I can't wait to sing along with my boys.

Tongue, lose thy light. Moon, take thy flight… see ya, George!
30 August 2009

This will likely be a Day 1 purchase for me. My wife and I are big fans of these games, and we both enjoy the Beatles amongst lots of other stuff. A little disappointing that there are only 45ish songs but that seems to be about the norm for the band-specific games in the genre.

For me anyway, remastered discs I can get anytime, and since I already have the music but not a Beatles game the choice is easy. All of the current Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers will work in the game as well on both 360 and PS3. (there used to be compat problems, but they're all over that now for newer games – not sure about Wii, though). If you have an XBox 360, even the wireless microphones from Lips will work.

1 September 2009
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31 March 2008

I heard there are plans to offer Abbey Road (and maybe Pepper too) as a download – an addition to the core 45 songs. It would be great if they enabled the entire catalogue to play along with, but I guess not enough people would want to pay for it. It'd take a lot of effort too.

I've pretty much bankrupted myself by buying the two remasters boxes, so Rock Band will have to wait until Christmas. I've already started dropping hints to my wife though!

Please don't spoil my day; I'm miles away

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9 September 2009

It was released here today (we're a day or half day ahead based on where others live). Apparently it's been selling out left and right. I had to ring three stores just now to find one that has stock left (1 left, and my wife is in the same shopping centre  – update – just got the phone call and she has it!) Wow, almost like twitter but even more pointless. a-hard-days-night-george-10

So anyway, assuming it sells quite well, there will be a lot of downloadable content for it. These games typically have about 80-ish licenced songs on them, but a few of these single-band ones have only 40ish.

The games are the razors. The downloadable content (DLC) are the blades.  - If the game sells well, and so do the downloadable extras, they'll milk us for all they can get from us, so I think the entire catalogue, or bloody close to it is very feasable. I also think that (if licencing issues work out) we could see some decent chunks of the solo work down the line as well. Band on the Run (song only) is the only song I'm aware of in any of these games at this stage. (Guitar Hero World Tour).

Now I need to go and find my other microphone…

11 September 2009
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31 March 2008

As far as downloading content goes, they'll release a couple of albums worth, but I don't think they'll get anywhere near the full catalogue. I'd imagine it's costly to produce the computerised versions, and they wouldn't bother with the likes of Chains, Misery or Little Child – there's not much call for them.

I can't see solo games for each of The Beatles, but they could do a Beatles: the Solo Years edition and group the best songs all together in one bundle. That would be good. Anyone care to venture a tracklisting?

John: Cold Turkey, Stand By Me, Gimme Some Truth, It's So Hard, Oh My Love

Paul: Band On The Run, Jet, Let Me Roll It, Maybe I'm Amazed, Live And Let Die

George: My Sweet Lord, Wah-Wah, What Is Life

Ringo: I'm The Greatest (love that song)

Apart from John's, I don't have masses of the solo albums. I have the Wingspan best-of, Band On The Run and Ram, All Things Must Pass, and earlier today I was listening to Ringo's best-of on Spotify.

One thing that comes to mind is that much of the solo stuff wasn't guitar-based – or, at least, the best-known songs weren't. Am I right in thinking keyboard-based songs typically don't get included in these games?

Please don't spoil my day; I'm miles away

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12 September 2009

I disagree. With a bit of reflection, I can't see them bringing out the least-known bits of the catalogue, but I think we'll see all the major albums. They already have the digital character models, costumes, sets, backgrounds etc. The main thing they'll have to create are the track notes and match the singer's mouths to the songs.

Just for comparison, these are the songs brought out for Rock Band/2 in the last 3 years:…..and_series…..and_series…..and_series

There's a LOT of money in DLC – Microsoft/Sony takes their cut, Harmonix will take theirs, Apple Corps get their licence fees for doing nothing but allowing it to happen. Albums go for a comparable price to real albums, and there's no retail chain to deal with. They dpn't have any worries about shelf space etc – the stuff just sits on a virtual shelf in perpetuity – check out the games catalogue on Steam or all the downloadable junk on XBL/PSN.

The Rock Band guys do DLC much better than the Guitar Hero guys – but they still came up with this:…..le_content….. (GH5 has only been out for a week)

In short, if the DLC sells well, and the game selling out all over the place on release day is a pretty good indicator - they will keep pumping out the tracks as long as people keep buying them. Beatles Fandom is considered a little like Star Wars fandom in the sense of the people who are really into the stuff will keep buying it.
I didn't mean solo games for each Beatle – but albums, or even 3-8 song "track packs". (I can't see the full All Things Must Pass being released for example.)
Since there's no keyboard available, songs will sometimes have the keyboard parts transposed onto a guitar's chord set to retain playability, or they will be in the background (like brass is).  
Out of interest, what console format are you on?
23 September 2009
Forum Posts: 3209
Member Since:
31 March 2008

I know you didn't mean solo games for each Beatle – I was just getting a bit carried away, a flight of fancy Laugh

I've got a Wii and an old PS2, though I haven't got Rock Band yet – money's a bit tight at the moment because I'm in the process of moving house. But hopefully I'll get it soon. In honesty I don't play console games too much these days – I have periods of obsession with Zelda, GTA etc, then forget about it for months at a time. When I get Rock Band I'm sure I'll be hooked once again!

Please don't spoil my day; I'm miles away

Can buy me love! Please consider using these links to support the Beatles Bible: Amazon | iTunes

30 September 2009

Got the game last weekend and have been playing pretty none stop since then.

Very good and very addictive am useing a friends rock band controller at the moment but its just not the same so will have to get a beatles replica one asap.

Not got the addional song download yet (more expense) but its a good idea and looking forward to more coming out.

Hows every1 else getting on with it???????????

30 November 2009
Eleanor Rigby

I think it's crazy fun.  I got so excited today because I finally got a memory unit that will hold the downloads of the two new albums (Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper) and I can't wait to get them. I heard they're going to release an album a month, not sure how far they'll get though.

The replica instruments make it so much fun too. I have the replica Hofner, and I'm freaking spoiled on that thing. :)

15 May 2011
In the middle of the roundabout
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10 May 2011

Luvd it.

I just smiled and smiled.

It was sooooo cool to touch the replica of Paul's bass it gave me goosebumps.a-hard-days-night-john-6

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