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Ranking all the songs on With The Beatles
7 September 2013
Strawberry Fields
Royal Command Performance
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28 January 2013

Considering that this song is probably one of the most underrated albums, this will be interesting to see the lists from everyone.

Heres my list

14. Roll Over Beethoven

13. You Really Got To Hold On Me

12. Don't Bother Me

11. Money

10. Little Child

9. I Wanna Be Your Man

8. Devil In Her Heart

7. Please Mister Postman

6. All I've Got To Do

5. Not A Second Time

4. It Won't Be Long

3. Hold Me Tight

2. All My Loving

1. Till There Was You

And if you saw my love, I'll love her to.
8 September 2013
Carnegie Hall
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8 August 2013

Oooh this looks like fun, i'll have a go!

14. Little Child

13. Hold Me Tight

12. Not A Second Time

11. Till There Was You

10. All My Loving

9. Devil In Her Heart

8. All I've Got To Do

7. It Won't Be Long

6. Please Mister Postman

5. Roll Over Beethoven

4. Don't Bother Me

3. Money

2. I Wanna Be Your Man

1. You Really Got A Hold On Me

That was a lot harder than I thought! I realised that I really really love this album!


28 September 2013
Casbah Coffee Club
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14 September 2013

1. Money
2. It Won't be Long
3. All My Loving
4. All I've Got To Do
5. Please Mr. Postman
6. You Really Got A Hold On Me
7. Not A Second Time
8. Roll Over Beethoven
9. Til There Was You
10. Hold Me Tight
11. Little Child
12. I Wanna Be Your Man
13. Devil In Her Heart
14. Don't Bother Me


I love this album.  It is criminally underrated.  With The Beatles does a much better job than PPM of capturing the spirit and sound of the early Beatles.

28 September 2013
On The Hill
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14 January 2013
5 December 2013
Arrived Somewhere (But Not Here)
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1 November 2013

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24 July 2014
Johnny Rhythm
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24 July 2014
26 July 2014
1963 1st Canadian Album Beatlemania! With The Beatles
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28 March 2014

I'm not even gonna try, but wanna gloat that in Canada our version came out approx. 2 days after "With The The Beatles" in November 1963 with the exact song list, just a different LP cover and only in mono.

Here goes again!


BEATLES Music gives me Eargasms!
3 August 2014
Abbey Road
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2 August 2014
10 August 2014
Cedar City, Utah
The Kaiserkeller
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10 August 2014

I'm gonna add an "And why" to each song as well! a-hard-days-night-john-6

1. All My Loving - One of my favorite early Beatle songs, and though it doesn't hold a candle to I Saw Her Standing There, it's still absolutely incredible. John's triplet chords are as difficult as all hell to play correctly, George's awesome solo shows lots of country picking influence, and the bass line is very interesting from the bass man. The harmonies in the last verse are fun as well. Great tune all around.

2. All I've Got to Do - I would put this as one of the most underrated early Beatle tracks of all time. The linear drumming from Ringo and bass chords from Paul really shine as creative concepts which I felt should have been explored more. One of my favorite early Beatle tracks.

3. It Won't Be Long - This album had three brilliant songs up front. Full of explosive energy and driving force, plus a great guitar riff, this song punches you right in the face at the start of the album and doesn't let up for the entire 2:14.

4. Please Mister Postman - I've heard people say that this pro forma cover of the Marvellettes song is a bit by the numbers and thus unworthy of praise. I disagree. This song is great, and certainly the best cover on the album. John's vocals really conveys the angst one might feel, and the backing vocals by Paul and George are just great. I could listen to this song all day long.

5. You Really Got A Hold On Me - Smokey Robinson can write a song, and the Beatles can play a song. Winning combination all the way around. Even the off hand version from the Let it Be film captures the same vibe. Imagine if they had taken it seriously, re recording the track with Billy Preston on keys. Fantastic.

6. 'Till There Was You - Paul has the most beautiful voice of the band, and it shines through here. Such a pretty song, and George's solo takes it away.

7. Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry's version is better. Even so, the Beatles make it rock. Personally, the best version of this song I have heard comes from the Washington Coliseum show in '64. Technical difficulties aside, that one is even better than Chuck Berry's version, in my opinion.

8. Devil In Her Heart - A nice track. I like the Live At The BBC Version better. Still good.

9. I Wanna Be Your Man - Ringo rips it up on this rocker. Still, this one sounds dated, moreso than other tracks on the record.

10. Money - Not my favorite version of Barry Gordy's hit, but passable. If any track was done pro forma on this album, this is it. I prefer the version played by Lennon at the 1969 Toronto concert simply because it places the song in a different light, a much heavier, raunchier light. This version still features a great vocal performance by John, better than the Toronto one, by far.

12. Don't Bother Me - I hate to place this song so low, since I love George's compositions, but this one is just too early. There is no indication on this track that the author would eventually release Something, Here Comes The Sun, and All Things Must Pass. He probably should have worked on this one a little more.

13. Not A Second Time - I had to go back and listen to this one. It's just unmemorable to me, not necessarily bad, but nothing special either. 

14. Hold Me Tight - Same boat as Not A Second Time. Not a terrible song, but just unmemorable. The chorus feels like it might go somewhere, but then never does. 

15. Little Child - Feels like a hold over from Please Please Me. I dislike this song, mostly for the harmonica.


I hope I wasn't too hard on this record. I really do love it, and I consider it to be an early gem of the Beatles, often overlooked for its superior successor A Hard Day's Night. Great music from a great band.

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Silly Girl
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14 January 2015
Inside the beat
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8 January 2015
  1. You Really Got A Hold On Me This is a great example of how the Beatles could cover a song in their own way. It actually doesn't matter that it was written by someone else.
  2. All I've Got To Do Unsurpassable singing by John over the most deceptive backing, which is complete Ringo.
  3. It Won't Be Long I just love that dumb guitar riff. And that middle eight.
  4. Please Mr Postman Again, what a great way to transplant Motown, perfect with Ringo's swinging beat.
  5. Money (That's What I Want) Completely off the wall, those backup vocals are freaky.
  6. All My Loving The lyrical idea is great but it gets a little rote for me.
  7. Till There Was You This is Paul reducing the room to puddles.
  8. Hold Me Tight Yeah its hokey. Yeah it's fun.
  9. Roll Over Beethoven George's song, everybody twist!
  10. I Wanna Be Your Man Not a great success and they gave it to the Stones too, so don't know why it's here other than they ran out of stuff.
  11. Devil In Her Heart The filler from here on out. All competently done and forgettable.
  12. Not A Second Time
  13. Don't Bother Me
  14. Little Child

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Silly Girl
14 January 2015
Ahhh Girl
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20 August 2013

ewe2 said

7. Till There Was You This is Paul reducing the room to puddles."

I am all over that visual. a-hard-days-night-paul-7

Thanks, @ewe2.

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Silly Girl
15 January 2015
Inside the beat
Shea Stadium
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8 January 2015

Ahhh Girl said

ewe2 said

7. Till There Was You This is Paul reducing the room to puddles."

I am all over that visual. a-hard-days-night-paul-7

Thanks, @ewe2.

Heh, that was my scientific opinion based on the kind of ballads Paul writes and concerts full of screaming. :D

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Ahhh Girl
17 March 2015
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26 February 2015
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