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Your top 10 Beatles songs
14 August 2013
Expert Textpert
In bed.
Apple rooftop
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18 April 2013

This is hard to do, and I'm sure my list will change somewhat over time.

In no certain order:

Two of Us
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Yoko Ono is my favorite Beatle.
14 August 2013
The Star-Club
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30 October 2012

As of now:

1. Strawberry Fields Forever

2. Abbey Road Medley (does this count?)

3. Happiness Is A Warm Gun

4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

5. She Said She Said

6. The Word

7. It's All Too Much

8. Helter Skelter

9. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

10. Tie between A Day In The Life and Tomorrow Never Knows

This list will probably change, but honorable mentions include: Dear Prudence, Across The Universe, Love You To, For No One, Think For Yourself, Norwegian Wood, I Me Mine, Rain, Revolution, Ticket To Ride, Mr. Kite/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter (from the Love album), I Want You (She's So Heavy) itself, I've Just Seen A Face, etc...

Questo abrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel

14 August 2013
Von Bontee
A Hole In The Road
Apple rooftop
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14 December 2009
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22 August 2013
A Beginning
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12 August 2013

Not exactly in this order:

1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

2. Happiness Is A Warm Gun 

3. Eleanor Rigby

4. A Day In The Life

5. Hey Jude

6. Tomorow never knows

7. Norwegian Wood

8. Let it be

9. In my life

10. Helter skelter


Is not easy choose only ten songs, sure I have left more than one..

22 August 2013
Carnegie Hall
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18 March 2013

No order, I can never have an order (Way too hard to put them in order):


I Me Mine

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

She's Leaving Home

A Day In The Life

For No One

Every Little Thing

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

Lovely Rita

Oh! Darling

She Said She Said


3 George Lead Vocals, 4 Paul Lead Vocals, 2 John and Paul Vocals.


My favourite song is 'Stairway to Heaven' by Motley Crue on their 1876 album 'Yellow Submarine'.
23 August 2013
Following The Sun
London Palladium
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16 July 2013

Top Ten (not in order) as at 5.51pm - may be a different list even before bedtime;

1.   For No One

2.   Norwegian Wood

3.   Hey Jude

4.   Things We Said Today

5.   Ticket To Ride

6.   Dear Prudence

7.   A Day In The Life

8.   Here Comes The Sun

9.   Two Of Us

10.  Tomorrow Never Knows

"Try to realise it's all within yourself - no-one else can make you change"

26 August 2013
Carnegie Hall
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8 August 2013

This is ridiculously hard and all my choices are subject to change on any given day, but i'll have a bash!

1) I Am The Walrus

2) I'm Looking Through You

3) You're Going To Lose That Girl

4) I'm so Tired

5) A Day In The Life

6) The End

7) Don't let me Down

8) You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

9) Tomorrow Never Knows

10) Helter Skelter


14 September 2013
Casbah Coffee Club
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Member Since:
14 September 2013

As of today (subject to change in the next few minutes).  In no particular order:

She Loves You
I Should've Known Better
In My Life
And Your Bird Can Sing
A Day In The Life
Strawberry Fields Forever
Dear Prudence
You Never Give Me Your Money

17 September 2013
The Jacaranda
Forum Posts: 28
Member Since:
9 September 2013

Here are my Top 10 Beatles Song:

10. I Know Her Standing There

9. Please Mr. Postman

8. A Hard Day's Night

7. Can't Buy Me Love

6. Till There Was You

5. Twist And Shout

4. Love Me Do

3. Yesterday

2. Let it Be

1. Hey Jude

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17 September 2013
The Toppermost of the Poppermost

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14 April 2010

Don't know if I've done this in a while...

1. Rain

The rest are simply listed in order of release, because I just can't rank them!

I Saw Her Standing There

It Won’t Be Long

I Want To Hold Your Hand

You Can’t Do That

The Word

Tomorrow Never Knows

I Am The Walrus

Yer Blues

Hey Bulldog

To the fountain of perpetual mirth, Let it roll for all its worth.

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18 September 2013
Midwestern United States
Casbah Coffee Club
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11 September 2013

1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

2. You Never Give Me Your Money

3. Rain

4. Your Mother Should Know

5. One After 909 [Let It Be... Naked]

6. Something

7. Across The Universe

8. Strawberry Fields Forever

9. Tomorrow Never Knows

10. Peace of Mind/The Candle Burns [Most likely not by The Beatles, but I love the song and it has to be attributed to someone]

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18 September 2013
Here, There and Everywhere
The Cavern Club
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3 September 2013

A Day In The Life
Eleanor Rigby(anthology instrumental version)
Leave My Kitten Alone!!
Tell me why
Abbey Road medley
And Your Bird Can Sing
Guitar gently weeps(LOVE version)
Drive My Car
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Across The Universe (Naked version)

Oh about a top 20?paul-mccartney

....ya won't be interferin' wit the basic rugged concept o' me personality would ya madam?
20 September 2013
A Long and Winding Road
The Indra
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20 September 2013

OMB (Oh my Beatles), this is tough.

Well here goes (Most will be ties):

  1. Here Comes The Sun/Like Dreamers Do/Come And Get It (Paul not Badfinger)
  2. I Will/P.S. I Love You/Here There And Everywhere
  3. Yellow Submarine/Octopus' Garden/I Am The Walrus/Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Good combo)
  4. To Know Her is To Love Her/Sure to Fall (In Love With You)/That Means a Lot
  5. Don't Ever Change/ If You've Got Trouble/Golden Slumbers
  6. Your Mother Should Know/All You Need Is Love/Day Tripper/Lady Madonna/Across The Universe
  7. Eight Days A Week/ It's Only Love/ Things We Said Today
  8.  Till There Was You/All My Loving/Hold Me Tight
  9. Eleanor Rigby/Got To Get You Into My Life/Good Day Sunshine/Good Morning Good Morning/And Your Bird Can Sing
  10. This Boy/Two of Us/And I Love Her

Okay, Correction to top; ALL will be ties!
The Beatles are just so good, I can't help it.paul-mccartney



"Being in the audience actually looks like quite a lot of fun." -Paul McCartney
29 September 2013
Somewhere Man
Somewhere Land
A Beginning
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19 August 2013

I'll happily contribute to this thread as my first ever post to the Fab forum. :)

1) Strawberry Fields Forever

2) In My Life

3) I Want You (She's So Heavy)

4) Here Comes The Sun

5) Rain

6) Nowhere Man

7) I've Got A Feeling

8) You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

9) I Am The Walrus

10) Happiness Is A Warm Gun

I didn't know what I was missing.

29 September 2013
Sitting here, doing nothing but procrastinating
Apple rooftop
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18 March 2013
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29 September 2013

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1 May 2011

Bean meaning to get around to this for a while but obviously never did - until now.

Not in any order and have deliberately not thought about trying to get 10 (even tho there are) as it will end up with "ooh that's a great song, got to include that" and it will end up with 156 tracks.

 No Long, Long, Long or While My Guitar Gently Weeps! Nothing from Revolver! Yesterday seems a strange one when given thought but it blows me away.

And I feel so guilty and dirty having done this. I apologise to all those tracks I left off that are going around my head and shouting "What about me!?" (Tomorrow Never Knows). I console myself with the knowledge this will be completely different in a few days time or when an omitted song comes to mind and its absence is nothing short of utter stupidity of the highest order.

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2 October 2013
Molly Jones
Market place
The Jacaranda
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9 June 2013

okay, toughest question ever but here goes:

1. For You Blue like I've said a million times, I love my Georgie boy!a-hard-days-night-george-10 I always imagine him singing it to meahdn_george_06

2. A Day In The Life

the rest in no particular order:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps


being for the benefit of Mr.kite

Do You Want To Know A Secret

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

ob-la-di ob-la-da i just love how happy it is (and there's a bunch more on the White Album that I so wish I could include)

I Me Mine

She's Leaving Home

I always forget how much I love Dear Prudence until I listen to it again, but I'm not listening to it right now so I didn't include ita-hard-days-night-john-6 this will probably change, like, immediately after I post it

oops forgot fool on the hill, love that song!a-hard-days-night-george-9

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3 October 2013
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 5
Member Since:
3 October 2013

Here is my list: Had a really tough time picking..


10. Maxwell Silver Hammer - really catchy song, yet greater than any newer pop song might become.

9. Martha My Dear - same as above.

8. Here Comes The Sun - Just really beautiful allround. :)

7. Across The Universe - John Lennon's perhaps greatest song-poetry.

6. Magical Mystery Tour - Awesome orchestral masterpiece, really makes a grand entrance for the great album.

5. For No One - Really meaningful lyrics.

4. Abbey Road Medley - YES

3. In My Life - First Lennon personal and emotional close-up.

2. The Fool On The Hill - Great melody, great lyrics, great band.

1. A Day In The Life - Has it all. Possibly best song ever created.


Don't be too hard on my not so good english, or my reason for picking them, although i would like to hear constructive critisicm.







20 October 2013
Carnegie Hall
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
18 March 2013

Another Revision. It never stays the same. (Still not in order, though)

KEY: Writer(s)Lead Vocalist(s)GenreYear


For No One                                          - Lennon-McCartneyPaul, Baroque Pop1966

She's Leaving Home                            - Lennon-McCartney, PaulBaroque Pop1967

A Day In The Life                                  Lennon-McCartney, John, Progressive Rock1967

She Said She Said                                Lennon-McCartney, John, Hard Rock1966

I Me Mine                                             - Harrison, George, Hard Rock1970

I Need You                                           Harrison, George, Rock, 1965

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You       Lennon-McCartney, George, Rock1964

It's All Too Much                                  - Harrison, George, Psychedelic Rock1969

Oh! Darling                                           Lennon-McCartneyPaul, Rock1969

Something                                            - Harrison, George, Rock1969

My favourite song is 'Stairway to Heaven' by Motley Crue on their 1876 album 'Yellow Submarine'.
20 October 2013
The Netherlands
Apple rooftop
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21 November 2012

FoolishWalrusPaul, do you happen to be Dutch by any chance? Or from around there somewhere, Germany or Belgium or anything like that? You've got such a Dutch way of constructing sentences.

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