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Best Beatles song sung by Ringo
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30 June 2012
Vienna, Austria
Hollywood Bowl
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12 April 2012

Which song would you call Ringo's best song with the beatles. I don't like any song he covered and I don't like any song paul and/or john wrote for him. Don't Pass Me By it's boring in it's piano style with the violin. So the only song left is Octopus' Garden which I really like and which couldn't be sung better by anyone else. It's really nice with it's backing vocals and it's nice guitar

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30 June 2012

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1 May 2011

What Goes On. Fabulous vocal, all mournful and hurt, gorgeous backing vocals, Georges country licks are his best on record, and Johns throwback comment to Tell Me Why. Man i love that song.

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30 June 2012
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31 March 2008

Probably With A Little Help. It's quite witty ("What would you do if I sang out of tune" etc) and doesn't outstay its welcome. I don't care much for Ringo's own compositions, nor the covers.

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30 June 2012
Candlestick Park
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16 February 2011

I agree with you, Joe, about With a Little help- nobody else could quite sing that song. For a moment Ringo's defiency in singing actually becomes an asset. I do like a lot of humorous songs he ahs covered, though, Act naturally being one of them. Another song that could have been written for Ringo( in this case it isn't, of course). Yellow submarine can get a bit boring but his monotonous, flat voice fits rather well with the song; it's made for children, anyway, and children would rather understand the lyrics than marvel with the wonderful talent the singer has.

1 July 2012
Nowhere Land
Apple rooftop
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5 November 2011

OCTOPUS GARDEN!!!! a-hard-days-night-ringo-15

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1 July 2012
The Indra
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27 April 2012

I love his voice on "A Little Help..." I remember reading that the words originally were "would you throw tomatoes at me" and Ringo said no way would he sing that, just in case they ever toured again, he knew he would be pelted with tomatoes, lol


I also like his "Boys" version and "Octopus Garden" is sweetly sung.


(For post-Beatles, his wonderful song for George "Never Without You"...impossible to listen to without tears...

1 July 2012
The Beatles bassist
Abbey Road
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18 December 2011



List over Beatles songs sung by Ringo:

- Boys

- I Wanna Be Your Man

- Honey Don't

- Matchbox

- Act Naturally

- What Goes On

- Yellow Submarine

- With A Little Help From My Friends

- Don't Pass Me By

- Good Night

- Octopus's Garden


not saying the last is the worst...


11) What Goes On

10) Honey Don't

9) Matchbox

8) Don't Pass Me By

7) I Wanna Be Your Man

6) Act Naturally

5) Boys

4) Yellow Submarine

3) Octopus's Garden

2) With A Little Help From My Friends

1) Good Night


The list may change by time.

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1 July 2012
Sitarday's room
Apple rooftop
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1 May 2010

With a little help of my friends and Yellow Submarine.. I love how John shouts the orders I love it.

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13 July 2012
The Jacaranda
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13 July 2012

My favorites are Octopus's Garden, and With a Little Help. They're fabulous and his voice is something that could never be replaced or these tracks just would not sound the same. a-hard-days-night-ringo-13heart

23 July 2012
Sydney, Australia
Casbah Coffee Club
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22 July 2012

With A Little Help From My Friends

23 July 2012
Turned left at Greenland
Carnegie Hall
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14 February 2012

Has to be "Octopus's Garden" for me. When I first heard that song, I couldn't stop singing it for the whole course of softball practice (much to the annoyance of my teammates...). By the time practice was over, however, the whole team was singing along with me, even though none of them had ever heard the song before practice began. It was a magical moment and a Beatles fan win!

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23 July 2012
mr. Sun king coming together
Nowhere Land
Apple rooftop
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19 September 2010

With A Little Help. It's witty, it's well written, it's not terribly difficult to sing (as was intended) but it doesn't drag on like Ringo songs have the tendency to. Oh, and it's got call and response vocals. Go Ringo!

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23 July 2012
Inside an Apple Orchard in a Letterbox
Apple rooftop
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1 December 2009

Yeah, "...Friends" it is. Tho "Octopus' Garden" is pretty great too. And I've always appreciated "Honey Don't" and "Don't Pass Me By" more than most. ("You were in a car crash/And you lost your hair" is such a wonderfully silly couplet.)

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23 July 2012
New Jersey, USA
Carnegie Hall
Forum Posts: 205
Member Since:
23 July 2012

With A Little Help From My Friends and Good Night. I heart Ringo!!!!

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8 August 2012
Inside an Apple Orchard in a Letterbox
Apple rooftop
Forum Posts: 2803
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1 December 2009

paulsbass said

Judging songs as "best" always proves to be controvercial, so I'm going for favourite!

Just be arrogant like me and presume that "best" and "favourite" are one and the same!

Indian music can't be listened to the same way you hear rock and roll. You cannot do 'Yea Yea' and 'Go Man Go' - Ravi Shankar

15 August 2012
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 3
Member Since:
13 August 2012

My favorite Ringo sang song is Act Natually, I find Ringo had that country type voice, so a song like that he could easily sing it comfortably and well I find Ringo seems like a fun loving guy when he sings, though his voice isn't really my favorite among the talents of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison.

15 August 2012
The Indra
Forum Posts: 36
Member Since:
24 November 2011

My favorites are "Octopus's Garden" and "With A Little Help From My Friends". Those songs just fit his voice. (Or is it the other way round? ahdn_paul_06)

16 August 2012
Terrace BC Canada
Forum Posts: 89
Member Since:
26 July 2011

"With A Little Help From My Friends" -- Ringo's finest vocal performance -- Lennon & McCartney really came through for Richie this time

(Honourable mentions:   "Octopus's Garden" & "Boys")

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20 August 2012
Another One
Ed Sullivan Show
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20 January 2012

Honey Don't , and Yellow Submarine .a-hard-days-night-ringo-12

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20 August 2012
Casbah Coffee Club
Forum Posts: 20
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8 January 2012

With A Little Help From My Friends easily, honourable mentions go to boys and yellow submarine ahdn_ringo_09

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