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Today and Tomorrow
26 July 2013
Mr Bellamy
Near Edinburgh
Shea Stadium
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7 April 2013

I've just listened to your remix. And i think its amazing! I particularly liked what you had done with Got To Get You Into My Life and how you combined Girl with the strings from Golden Slumbers, I think that should have been included on the main album rarther than the Junk track. 

This is a great piece of work. 

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26 July 2013
Ron Nasty
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Apple rooftop
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17 December 2012

It's an impressive piece of work, enjoyed it a great deal, but it really should be in Pimp your stuff.

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26 July 2013
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31 March 2008

Moved. Thanks mja.

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28 July 2013
A Beginning
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25 July 2013

Thank everyone, and I do apologize for posting in the wrong section.

I hope to manage and get the word of this project spread out to more of the Beatles community. As a treat I wrote out all of the edits I made in the album

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
- Backing track to "Baby You're A Rich Man"
- "Lovely Rita" isolated drums on the right channel
- John Lennon talk taken from the beginning of "Two of Us"
- "All You Need Is Love"'s intro brass
- Paul counting in taken from "I Saw Her Standing There"
- "Penny Lane" trumpet
- Percussion and drumtrack from "Strawberry Feilds Forever"
- "A Day in the live" Orchestral Climax
- "Don't Pass Me By" intro sounds
- John Lennon from "Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Anthology)"
- "Sun King" sound effects
Extra Notes: There isn't much going on in the middle which I'm sad to say. Fun fact is I actually attempted to put the short guitar solo from "Carry That Weight" when the start to sing "Sgt. Pepper's.. evening go." It did fit, but on pitch-wise (contrasting minor major stuff). Bill Shears is still introduced in a way as Ringo is the one who sings the next song.

Yellow Submaine
- "Yellow Submarine in Pepperland"
- Unused "Yellow Submarine" intro
- Unused "Yellow Submarine" sound effects put back
- Beatles' Introduction from Live At The BBC
Extra Notes: The intendency with the intro was to emulate LOVE's "Octopus's Garden". When Ringo starts to sing the orchestral part was sped up a great deal.

And Your Bird Can Sing/Nowhere Man
- Beatle talk + count in from "AYBCS" early take
- "Here Comes The Sun" drum fills put into various parts through-out the song
- "Day Tripper" guitar riff
- Bass from "AYBCS" take 2 replaces before the break
- The instrument break pays tribute to how it was done in take 2
- "Good Morning, Good Morning" fill on top of "HCtS" fill
- "Nowhere Man" guitar Solo
- "Day Tripper" vocals
- "Nowhere Man" vocals
- "Nowhere Man" guitar
Extra Notes: Who would've known? Well my younger brother did as he was the one who noticed the similar chord progression.

Lovely Rita
- Drum beat increased
- "In My Life" vocal
- "Here Comes The Sun" moog synth
- "I Feel Fine" guitar riff
- "Sgt. Pepper" Brass
- "Helter Skelter" guitar riff
- Backwards final chord from "A Day In The Life"
- Sitar drone from "Within You Without You"
- Ontop of "I Feel Fine" feedback
- John Lennon's vocal from "A Day In The Life"
- Percussion from "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window"
Extra Notes: Compared to the original stereo mixing, instead of the piano and guitar being in the same channel and spread them to seperate channels. The ending was in spirit of emulating LOVE's "Hey Jude."

- Large amounts of Beatles studio chatter
- "Within You Without You" Indian Drums
- "WYWY" Sitar
- "Love To You" Sitar
- "Something" strings
- "Tomorrow Never Knows" sounds
- "For The Benefit of Mr. Kite" sounds
- "Strawberry Feilds Forever" sounds
- "Revolution 9" sounds
- Backwards intro guitar feedback from "It's All Too Much"
Extra Notes: This is the intermission of the album. But instead of just putting in the chatter I did see to it that it would be a compositional remix. The indian instruments were added to it's seperate channel because that one didn't have much on it compared to the other. The ending of the track uses a lot of panning which I hope you can "trippily" enjoy.

Got To Get You Into My Life
- Guitar from "Getting Better"
- Guitar solo from "Drive My Car"
Extra Notes: This is Take 2 and the final take synced up and over dubbed. The biggest task here was balance.

Paperback Writer
- Take 1 count in
- "Birthday" drums
- "Oh! Darling" guitar
- "Birthday" guitar break
- "GTGYIML" brass
Extra Notes: This mix came about out of no where and made it's own way into the album.

"Save the Last Dance for Me" from the Beatles "Get Back Sessions"

Don't Let Me Down
- "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" moog synths
- "Sun King" drums, guitar, and bongos
- "Come Together" drums
- "Dear Prudence" drum fills, guitar part, piano
- "Octopus's Garden" lead guitar part
Extra Notes: First I'd like to apologize. Don't Let Me Down was the only track from the Get Back Sessions not over-productionized by Phil Spector and put on 1970's Let It Be album. But when things just fit, one must put it together. The ending of this song is definitely one of my personal high lights.

Audience sounds from "Sgt. Pepper"

The End
- "Sgt. Pepper Reprise" Intro
- Lennon Interview from Anthology 1
- Lennon studio talk from before recording "Birthday"
- Drum fills from "Hello, Goodbye"
- Drum fills from "Good Morning, Good Morning"
- "A Day In The Life" orchestral climax and final chord
- More major chord taken from the Anthology 3 "The End Remix"
- Various Beatles chatter (from the end of certain songs)
Extra Notes: The introduction was cut up since it's not accompanied by the rest of The End medly. I hope I didn't offend anyone with that, but I understand and apologize if you are. The significance for John Lennon saying "Are you ready Paul? This is it!" is that not only is this the end but it's a known fact that all three Beatles alternate parts during the guitar solo. Paul is the first to start. Now the drum fills during the guitar solo could be imagined to have been incredibly tricky. It actually wasn't but it still amazes me how the fills work so well emphasizing the guitar solo.

Thanks for listening!

28 July 2013

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1 May 2011

Thought this was a great, fun listen the whole way thru, far more enjoyable than Love ever is (why are fan mixes better than Love?). The mini Ringo freak-out with I Wanna Be Your Man, Octopus's Garden and What Goes On was brilliant and something I would love to hear more of.

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28 December 2013
Arrived Somewhere (But Not Here)
Apple rooftop
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1 November 2013

Old topic, I know, but does anyone know where he found the multitracks for the non Rock Band songs? 

Oh, and ninspriterx, if you're still here, I LOVE the And Your Bird Can Sing/If I Needed Someone mashup from the Junk track. Works really well.

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30 December 2013
Sitting here, doing nothing but procrastinating
Apple rooftop
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18 March 2013

I can't hear them :(

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30 December 2013
Ron Nasty
"Where have you been?" "I'm not telling you..."
Apple rooftop
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17 December 2012

You need to download them, ASJ, from the link on the first post.

"I only said we were bigger than Rod... and now there's all this!" Ron Nasty
30 December 2013
Sitting here, doing nothing but procrastinating
Apple rooftop
Forum Posts: 2261
Member Since:
18 March 2013

^ I know but it won't let me, keeps on redirecting me :/

INTROVERTS UNITE! Separately.....In your own homes.----Make Love, Not Wardrobes!
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