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Ranking of all tunes on let it be
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3 December 2012
St Peters Church
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29 September 2012
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12. Maggie Mae -- junk filler

11. Dig It -- geez, why didnt that SOB Spector use the terrific "Don't Let Me Down" instead of those bottom two?

10. The Long And Winding Road (the screwed up version) -- those dumbass strings make me mad, the song was perfect with the piano, and was utterly destroyed, even more than "Let It Be" or "Across The Universe" where it actually worked because the lyrics were about divine experiences...this song is supposed to be dreary and melancholy, with a hushed tone.

9. Get Back -- it gets old, an average song overall, a little catchy, but not too memorable

8. Let It Be -- also over-the-top with the overblown chorus, but the guitar riffs and brass sorta worked -- I just wished that Spector had found the right balance--otherwise a great song, though very flawed

7. One After 909 -- though one of the more forgettable tracks, it is still pumped with so much energy and harkens back to the classic rock era when a fun time was all that mattered

6. Two of Us -- a nice opener, and though it goes on for a little long, the pace is lovely and everything comes together real well

5. For You Blue -- love all the different licks in this one, its cool, bluesy rhythm, it works, and is perhaps slightly underrated

4. Dig A Pony -- this is a terrific piece of shit, a real nice rocker, with lyrics thrown to the wind

3. I've Got A Feeling -- a haywire joyride, akin to "Helter Skelter" in its vocal, though not quite as heavy...another great rocker

2. Across The Universe -- always has been a fine and dense piece of poetry, the Moksha melody carries it through--unfortunately the Spector edits were a bit much and brings the song down...this was ALMOST perfect! The perfect version would be the one on the Naked album.

1. I Me Mine -- somehow, here the overblown production is used to the song's advantage--the way the song transforms from a cool spiritual reminiscence--typical of Harrison songs--into a kickin' explosion of rock is wonderful--short but extremely satisfying

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Silly Girl
3 December 2012
Ed Sullivan Show
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12 November 2012
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12 Dig It - it's only 30 seconds of a jam session

11 Dig A Pony - the song is gibberish, and John couldn't remember the words

10 Maggie Mae - it's not bad, but I just like the other 9 better

9 I Got A Feeling - I used to like it until I saw the scene in Let it Be when they're rehearsing this one

8 Across The Universe - it's not how Johned pictured it in his head, but it's not bad

7 The Long And Winding Road - Paul shouldn't have made such a big deal about what Spector did to it

6 Let it be - the most overrated song

5 Get Back - I like the piano and John's comment at the end

4 I Me Mine - George really had talent, love that guitar

3 For You Blue - so cute!

2 One After 909 - the most energetic song on the album

1 Two of Us - just awesome, I don't need to say more

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26 January 2013
Beatles in the Blood
Nowhere Land
Hollywood Bowl
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12 January 2013
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  1. Get Back
  2. Two of Us
  3. I Me Mine
  4. Dig A Pony
  5. Across The Universe
  6. Let it Be
  7. I've Got A Feeling
  8. One After 909
  9. For You Blue
  10. Long and Winding Road
  11. Maggie Mae
  12. Dig it

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4 February 2013
Strawberry Fields
Royal Command Performance
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28 January 2013
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1. Dig A Pony

2. Across The Universe

3. Two of Us

4. I've Got A Feeling

5. One After 909

6. Get Back

7. The Long & Winding Road

8. Let It Be

9. Dig It

10. I Me Mine

11. For You Blue

12. Maggie Mae

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4 February 2013
The Netherlands
Apple rooftop
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21 November 2012
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1. Across The Universe -One of my favourite songs, unfortunately the arrangement is a bit..meh.

2. Let It Be - Great song. Can't say anything else. Love the arrangement.

3. I Me Mine - Ditto. I like what Spector did there.

4. The Long And Winding Road - One of the songs that make me cry. I personally really love all the strings and definitely prefer it over the naked version.

5. Two of us - The harmonies

6. Get Back - Catchy

7. I've Got A Feeling - Good song.

8. For You Blue - Fun and cheery

9. Dig A Pony - Okay..

10. One After 909 - Never liked this song.

11. Maggie Mae - Meh.

12. Dig It - Crap.

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Silly Girl
4 February 2013
Hershey via Boston
Apple rooftop
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29 November 2012
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1. Get Back - catchy, chugging rocker, really energetic

2. I've Got A Feeling - hard rocking, great performances, love the lyrics...ballsy

3. Let it Be - the quintessential Beatles hymn

4. Two of Us - great vocal harmonies

5. Across The Universe - I prefer the first version from '68 from the Wildlife LP (on Past Masters)

6. One After 909 - good rockin' fun

7. The Long And Winding Road - nice song, prefer the un-Spectorised versioon on LIB...N

8. Dig A Pony - Nonsense and a mess, but still catchy...nice harmonies and playing

9. I Me Mine - it's ok...mediocre

10. For You Blue - weak, cheesy George ("Elmore James got nothing on this baby!" *cringe*)

11. Maggie Mae - indifferent...a waste to put it on here

12. Dig It - aimless wanking, and only a 30-second excerpt from a long jam makes it lose any context



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4 February 2013
Ron Nasty
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Apple rooftop
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17 December 2012
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DrBeatle said
Across The Universe - I prefer the first version from '68 from the Wildlife LP (on Past Masters)  

All released versions come from the same set of '68 versions. The only thing the "Wildlife" version can claim to be is the first version of the 1968 master released. It did not exist until October 1969. The "Wildlife" version, the "LIB" version, and the "LIB... Naked" version are all derived from (at least my understanding) the same take - take 8. The only true 1968 version released as it existed in 1968 is the Anthology take 2.

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4 February 2013
Hershey via Boston
Apple rooftop
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29 November 2012
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"I know you, you know me; one thing I can tell you is you got to be free!"


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4 February 2013
Ron Nasty
"Where have you been?" "I'm not telling you..."
Apple rooftop
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17 December 2012
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17 March 2015
St Peters Church
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25 February 2015
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12. Let It Be (Incredibly overrated)

11. Dig It (Longer version is great)

10. Maggie Mae

9. For You Blue

8. Get Back

7. The Long And Winding Road

6. Two Of Us

5. I've Got A Feeling

4. I Me Mine

3. One After 909

2. Dig A Pony

1. Across The Universe

17 March 2015
Egroeg Evoli
Across the universe
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6 December 2012
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1. Get Back - A great, fun song. Catchy, too. I especially love it on LOVE, because of the intro.

2. Across The Universe - Love the lyrics and the melody. So relaxing. 

3. I Me Mine - A great song with a good message.

4. Two of Us - Such a sweet song. Love the harmonies.

5.  I've Got A Feeling - A fun, rocking song. 

6. For You Blue - Catchy and fun.

7. Dig A Pony - A great, if random, song. Brings back memories, too, since it's one of the first Beatles songs I've ever heard that I knew was by the Beatles.

8. The Long And Winding Road - Although I prefer the Let It Be... Naked and Anthology versions, it's still a nice song. Very pretty.

9. One After 909 - I prefer the Anthology version.

10. Let it Be - Not one of my favorite songs, honestly. And my least favorite Beatles song that I can play on the piano (I only learned it for a friend).

11. Maggie Mae - Gets stuck in my head enough for it to not be last.

12. Dig It - If it were longer, it would be much better.

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28 April 2015
Waiting for the van to come
Candlestick Park
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24 March 2014
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i just dislike very very VERY much "The Long And Winding Road" and "Let it be" (in whatever version you choose)... The rest of the album is fine. My favourite song would be "Don't let me down" if it'll be in the album...



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22 January 2016
The Star-Club
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20 January 2016
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I'm ranking the tracks of the official release (not the Naked version).  It sounds like a bunch of modified demos.  There's no bad tracks, except for the 2 filler tracks.  This album could have been special if the band was able to cooperate better and re-record some of the songs, but it still beats most of the music out there.

  1. Across The Universe -- I like the dreamy-tunnel voice effect.  Some of the best lyrics in a Beatles song. 
  2. Get Back -- Phil Spector gave this demo a continuous stream of energy.  Some of Paul's most on-point singing on the record.  It rocks hard, has energy but with a refinedness too.
  3. The Long And Winding Road -- The best melody on the record, good song writing too.  It's a grand, emotional but also uplifting song.  I think the added chorus in the background gives it some heft.  Paul sings some notes really well, and others very off-key.
  4. I Me Mine -- George's statement about the egos in the band.  Nice singing.  It's a short song but it gets the point across.
  5. Let It Be -- Good lyrics.  Like the Beatles breaking up, life is life, and you just have to let it be.  It's a minimalist song and Paul's singing isn't strong enough here to hold it up, but it gets better when the guitars come in to help him.
  6. Two of Us -- This one has grown on me a lot.
  7. I've Got A Feeling -- It's complex and unique.  Bluesy.
  8. One After 909 - Another nice collab between Paul and John.  Reminds me of a mix of their old early 60's songs with a late 60's blues tinge.
  9. Dig A Pony -- Has a nice classic rock sound, some energy, good rhythm and a nice melody. 
  10. For You Blue -- Simple.  A nice blues track, peppy drums and bass, solid but light backing guitar and George's tender voice.  Needed something extra though.
  11. Dig It -- Just a minute of them screwing around in the studio.  Not sure why they added it.  Filler.
  12. Maggie Mae -- There's no point of this 40 second folk cover.  It's nothing special.  Filler.
23 January 2016

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1 May 2011
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'Get Back' wasnt a demo before Spector got his hands on it. It had already been a fully fleshed number 1 single; Spector added some dialogue to the beginning and end but left the music the same - except lopping off the end coda which wasn't even from the same take/performance (hence its omission from 'Let It Be Naked' which just makes you think they forgot about it as it sounds daft without. Another reason for my loathing of that album. "As The Beatles Intended" - they did intend the coda you stupid Apple idiots, it just broke down so they added another on. But you cant have that even tho you can edit other performances together when the mood suits on the album. blue-meanieblue-meanieblue-meanie).

I think i need therapy to deal with my feelings towards 'Let It Be Naked'. 

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Silly Girl
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