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John Lennon Official Website why no change?
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9 March 2013
A Beginning
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9 March 2013
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Hi all, over the last few years I occassionally visit the website, it is the OFFICIAL website for John overseen I believe by Yoko herself. It appears that it rarely changes, completely lacks creative input and barely touches on what John Lennon should and could be portayed as on a modern website, we all know George Harrison is  no longer with us either, but his website is a joy to behold and very creative in what I believe it succeeds very well in doing. Im sure George would be happy to see it up there on the web. Johns website almost seems like an insult, Yoko is brought into focus a great deal on it and the current major displayed photo is a famous one of John and Yoko in bed during the Amsterdam Bed in, Im not opposed to that picture taking pride of place, but surely there is far more to Johns life than that and the update of Yokos activities?

Does anyone else feel the same here?I'd like to know why it appears so negelcted when it could be such a wonderful thing to venture into, agreed John isnt here to oversee it, but surely it could contain more detail that fills out his unique place in history and perhaps even rivals Pauls site for all things Beatle, Solo and beyond in some ways, highlighting his vision for the next generation or just inspiring people, Im sure John would have loved that being done for his legacy.

John was someone who should be better represented, particularly by his family, Yoko and Sean talked a lot about "keeping John alive in the world" when the silly commercial for Citroen cars came out with John used in it in such a ridiculous way, surely his official website could achieve that purpose without cheapening his image and memory.


10 March 2013
A Beginning
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9 March 2013
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I suspect the truth is that Yoko doesnt want to ellaborate on Johns pre yoko period for many reasons, perhaps she even believes John wouldnt want to much reflection on it too, afterall there are literally thousands of people out there with blogs, websites, books, conventions, films, plays, Tribute bands and articles on The Beatles, so it some ways it could be seen as quite understandable for a supposedly forward thinking person like Yoko or indeed John himself if he were still around, why try and do what others are doing quite successfully anyway? My problem with it is something doesnt seem right despite all that, it hits you right in the face really, the website ommits so much, particularly any possible associations John had with friends, his poetry, early life and career development, how he and Paul developed their songwriting skills, his comedy, appearances on TV shows and film, his private muiscal experiements, school friends observations, his goals and successful achievement of them, the list is endless and so interesting for people who are just discovering John Lennon. Instead he's isolated in his past and unconnected in many ways, enshrined in a few medioce photos of him, a few paltry exmaples of his artistry in drawings, paintings and poetry and little updating in any way shape or form that enables it too be interacted with or basically just up with any other website that each of the former beatles have, hes disembodied from his greatest period of success and noticeably his creativity.

Yoko has a tradition of re evaluating and re positioning herself in Johns life, the film of Johns "Sometime in New York City" being a fine example, she managed to completely revise her prominence as a performer during a concert where she was hardly playing, I also believe she authorised the lesser of the two concerts he did that day for the film and in doing so weakened the case for a truelly enthralling performance from John post Beatles, instead of the slightly lacking one we see today on record, the list goes on where shes done this, (My Pang Number nine dream being a good example), even Johns former wife Cynthia has been taken back by the level of attention given to his Beatle years, despite her own recognition of her role in it being less inspiring than Yoko's seemed to become, she never the less witnessed Johns creative highs and lows as much as anyone else and could enrich the website with some poignant memories regarding his songs and excitement of his success, now with the feuding apparently over between them a little collaboration on the site would not have been a bad thing, in the spirit of love and peace of course! The Liverpool lennon site, set up by Julian I think also suffers from a claustrophobic approach, a little narrow too, but at least it attempts to address his past in a balanced way.

Its quite probable that the website has not been developed any further due to Yokos desire to only promote John through the image of a Peace activist and visionary, both of which are true of John, but they only represent part of the man himself, I think the younger generation are missing out on what could be done here and the inspiration John Lennons body of work could give them, he doesnt have  an Academy like Paul, he doesnt have the Eastern mysticism connections of George but he does have a past that could be tapped into and mined for all it is and was, Im sure he would have enjoyed something being up there that really demonstrated what he was about, if Yoko chooses to leave him as a 2 dimensional figure from the past and not move him into the modern digital/Internet age, then I believe its the equivelant of a restraining order on Johns achievemenst and unique gifts, the Citroen advertisement may be as near to that as we going to get and thats a terrible shame.

Its true that "John and Yoko" have their place in website form, Im not suggesting they dont, theres so much more Yoko could do with that side of Johns life too, again shes missed the possibilities and would suggest she doesnt want to, perhaps for privacy reasons, afterall no one should have all their lives put out there I suppose, maybe what Yoko should do is show a little respect for John in an area where he could now thrive without being physically present, as someone who regards John Lennon as an explorer in life, he deserves that unique journey to be fully depicted and displayed for all to see, then he can live on in spirit and example, an inspiration for anyone interested enough to click onto the website and enter the world he experienced and lived, come on Yoko get yourself an innovative and imaginative web design company and make a new website for John Lennon shine on!


12 March 2013
A Beginning
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9 March 2013
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Thankyou pepperland. Im honoured to grace your wonderful forum and mingle amongst your members and discussions!

I hope this topic is recieved well, its been something that I keep reflecting upon everytime I take a little look at th website again, its not often, but Im always reminded of the same situation, perhaps in some way its a place that gives a constant rise to the Yoko factor, I may end up sounding as if Im just critising an overly criticised figure anyway, but Im trying to make some sense of the situation and like a detective looking for clues, one of the strongest ones I can find at present is the website, I may be wrong, but I hope you find the quest of interest and at the very least worthwhile. 

Im fully aware how devisive a figure shes been over the years, there is also at times a strong case for her being the woman she is and an understanding of why she appealed to John so much, no one should critisise what two people have between them, its no body elses business who we fall in love with, I suppose we all know that, right or wrong if it works it works, for John Lennon the perception is often that people are unsure how or why it worked, but again thats not always for the public to understand. The problem for John and Yoko has always been that he allowed himself to be connected to the public/fans etc so much during most of his celebrated(Im not keen on the word celebrity for obvious reasons) life, that the edges often got blurred, people who loved him for his work and his attitude to life, I believe invested a lot in him, whether they wanted to or not and there is a big case for not investing too much.

The man who murdered him being an example, albeit an extreme and off the scale one, never the less John Lennon, like many revered figures in history, has become public property in many ways. It would appear this is just part of how we all process and elevate other human beings into a more exalted position, it can be dangerous, its fraut with dissappointments, revelations and ultimately a realisation that the "exalted one" can become disengaged from his or hers true self.

John Lennon in particular has become very much a brand, at least it appears that way, Elvis, Kurt Cobain, eventually Amy Whitehouse too I suppose, it cant be helped really, but for John, being a commodity, something perhaps he envisaged himself would have to happen eventually, is not  always necessary, Yoko has the choice and could promote him less selfishly than she does. He's often stripped of the flaws and questions and reduced to a symbolic man of peace and world vision, I dont want to go over old ground, but I think its safe to say that since his untimely death, John Lennon has been made vulnerable by the very process of fame and image itself, Im sure he would have seen it coming and avoided it if alive, he was that aware, keeping an eye on himself and his image, unfortunately Yoko has only picked up where much of her talents lie, that being self promotion and a raising of her own profile wherever possible, yes she is afterall only human and only guilty of being just that, she doesnt deserve total vilivication, she isnt that bad a person at all, but she should recognise over 30 years since he was taken away so cruelly that she owes him so much, a website in no way makes up for the fact John isnt around, but its possible with todays technology to bring that person into focus and more real than ever.

Yoko is on record as saying that John in many ways held back her career, unintentionally of course, but by marrying John she submerged into his fame and never fully recovered from the vast depth of that fame he was immersed into, uber "celebrity" is still a relatively new concept, he didnt necessarily need it either, but he couldnt stop it. Yoko it appears gave him the freedom to get out of it if he wanted, but it does appear that Yoko may well have lost whatever she was thinking she had anyway, artistically and success speaking of course, but in the end she found the fame that Im sure she craved too, Johns high profile must have aided that. I believe there was always a possibility of some resentment there from Yoko herself, perhaps they both were just so competitive, even with each other that shes still unable to disentangle herself from Johns achievements and influence, if so its understandable she might still try and use his platform for her own "career", to many that is exactly what shes done all along, if John wasnt aware of it that was his perogative, he loved her and no doubt would have accepted some level of that at the beginning, perhaps he admired it in her, didnt he himself come from succh a place once, driven, fame hungry, wanted to be accepted?

Its just a shame Yoko has never really realised that the public dont really care that much, artsists are constantly around in many different forms and levels of inspiration that they give us, no one is too special, but at the same time they can be uniquely special, John Lennon certainly was, Picasso certainly was, the list goes on, an artists contributions may only and often are only fully recognised when their gone, a sad fact I believe, perhaps thats Yokos destiny too, but shes certainly crammed a lot of self promotion over her art over the years. Will she be elevated like John after her death?Pehaps she will in some other way, but she shouldnt forget who lifted her from her mediocre artistic past and into the world she now knows. 

Ok I think I may have exhausted myself and everyone else on this topic now!lol!Anyway its nice to contribute when and where I can, I wish I could leave all the Beatles thing behind sometimes, but it seems to unleaveable, Im a musician too and know of many other musicians who become addicted to their own particular area of fascination, both musically and personally, I just hope that what I write is worthy of the forum!

Thanks  all!, James




20 March 2013
A Beginning
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
9 March 2013
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I was just looking for Yokos website, the nearest I can find to her own official one is, it appears to be the place in cyberland that she calls home or at least has all the connections to her events, online accounts, twitter, facebook etc etc. It would appear that this site is certainly more appealing, more interactive and more sophisticated, so its apparrent that when Yoko does want an online presence to be appropriate she certainly can have it arranged.

Its a puzzle to me actually, I kind of understand the earlier post of vonbontee as well, Id rather defend her if it were possible, I really dont like to dish her really, Id go with Johns sentiment that she was good for him, but shes such a contradiction, perhaps we all are and we choose to watch someone like yoko and analyse her, shes in the public eye and has always appeared to court that place too, but it all looks decidedly strange to promote herself so much, even today.

If she truely is a misunderstood figure particularly with her art (John aside) why does she continue to use her connection to him,  the world has moved on, Johns legacy is assured, Yokos I believe as yet is not, perhaps that drives her on?  or is it all really some deep seated psychological condition where the lonely little japanese girl with the rich parents and lack of attention, just wants the attention all the time now, maybe thats what shes always just wanted. As far as I can see her art has remanined corny (any warhols description) lacking depth, obvious and more than a little bit simplistic, that said I find some of her work ok and fun too, but that doesnt make her a great artist, I dont mind yoko just being what she is, but I get the feeling she really believes she a lot more than that, John had an originality and ability to laugh at himself, it all felt right didnt it? but yoko just doesnt weigh up, too much serious stuff going on, or being promoted that way, it looks like poor old Johnny boy will be remaining in the cyberland shadows at least in relation to his wifes presence, I cant see her raising his profile at all, not while she still has serious work to do!..maybe Im missing something, what if she really is so far ahead of her time we just cant see it!

Well Im a balanced guy I suppose..


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