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December 8th
9 December 2010
Rain? I don't mind
Apple rooftop
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1 May 2010

Wow, nice story. As someone who was born a few years after John was killed, I almost don't even think of him as a real person, or that he really existed because I can't imagine him being a real person. It was surreal when I saw Paul in concert a few months back because it was like, wow there he is, Paul McCartney is literally 200 feet from me! But with John, I don't know, it's just an odd feeling of loving this man and his music so much, but at the same time not being able to picture him in real life.

I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine
9 December 2010
Sitarday's room
Apple rooftop
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1 May 2010

Celebrated_Mr_K said:

I was stunned.  I sat on the edge of the bed and just stared at nothing for awhile.  Then I finished getting ready and cried all the way to work.  I had lost a friend I'd never met.  A friend I first met in 1964 at the age of six.

Actually although it was surreal to be in Paul's concert (OMG I'm in the same place as a Beatle), to me they were like friends. When I was a kid they were sometimes my imaginary friends. I remember I used to say "When I grow up, I'll get married with George Harrison" or something like that.
Here comes the sun….. Scoobie-doobie…… Something in the way she moves…..attracts me like a cauliflower… Bop. Bop, cat bop. Go, Johnny, Go. Beware of Darkness…  I believe in SH...
9 December 2010
Apple rooftop
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25 November 2010

Celebrated_Mr_K said:

  I had lost a friend I'd never met.  A friend I first met in 1964 at the age of six.

I think you hit the nail on the head here. I discovered The Beatles in 1987 or so, really started paying attention to them. And it was so weird to see John in A Hard Day's Night and Help! being so wildly smart and funny, and know that later, some crazy guy would kill him.
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." — Dr. Seuss
9 December 2010
Sitting on a Corn Flake
Shea Stadium
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4 November 2010

Getting Better said:

I have to agree


Today in school when i realized that it was december 8, i was sad and
me having to write it down about 8 times didn`t help a lot either, each
time i remember what happened that day it`s sad, if he had only went
another way and to think probably a Beatles Reunion could have happened.

Probably John and George are Free As A Bird right now.


Yeah, school was miserable for me today as well. And it was raining throughout the day, which fit my mood.

Right before lunch, the music class performed a concert, and the guitar students made a little speech about peace and then started playing/singing Imagine- it was a beautiful tribute, and I'll admit I was getting a bit emotional. It's just so good to know that he's remembered by so many, including my classmates.


To John apple01

Because the wind is high, it blows my mind.
9 December 2010
The Jacaranda
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28 November 2010

I teach American Studies at the University of Kansas and yesterday was my last day of teaching for the semester.

American Studies isn't a good field if you want to get rich or even stay middle-class--I'm what they call an adjunct lecturer, which means my employment is always uncertain.  But there are priceless benefits to doing what I do.  I can teach about any aspect of American culture and society that fits my purposes.  So, yesterday, when my students and I were wrapping up our class called American Identities, I talked a bit about John Lennon, his death, and my memories of being a 17 year old JL fan at that awful moment.

I made my outrage, which is still very strong, crystal clear.  But I made sure to emphasize the man's enormously positive legacy and to suggest that, with all respect to their generation's differing experiences and perspectives, there ain't nobody like John anymore.

Part of that has to do with the transformed music industry and a host of other cultural and social changes.  JL didn't do it all.  But he shaped his times while they shaped him and our perceptions of him and his times.  The man was larger than life but at the same time he was the most vulnerable superstar I can think of--and that vulnerability takes on such awful dimensions because of 12.8.80.  Not so awful that they overwhelm the good and the great.

There are always a few students in each of my classes who identify themselves as Beatles fans.  That band, that cultural phenomenon, picks up new followers each year.  It's important they know about The Beatles and about John Lennon.  It's important they know about him from someone like me, which I hope you all won't see as a pompous statement.

Here's why--right now on TV as I type this, one of those bullshit entertainment celebrity tabloid shows is on.  A report on JL's death is mixed in with stuff on Celine Dion and Kim Kardashian.  In fact, immediately after the JL seriousness the host is all smiles as the subject changes to Kim Kardashian.

That's an occasion to go to the music.  That is where it's at with JL.  That's where it's always been, when all's said and done.  Back to the music.

Love and respect to you all, as a kindred spirit and Beatles Bible contributor.

Power to the people

Long live the Lennon legacy


9 December 2010
Rain? I don't mind
Apple rooftop
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1 May 2010

Awesome post. apple01

I love what you said about the vulnerability of John, and I think that's what makes him so easy to relate to. He didn't hide his true thoughts about anything and he said what he really felt about himself. It still shocks me that he came out with a song like I'm A Loser after the mammoth success that was A Hard Days Night that was largely due to John's brilliance both in the movie and on the album. He didn't try and mask who he was, no bullshit, and that's what I think is the biggest problem with our culture nowadays, people seem to be scared to be themselves and break from the mold. They try to project an image of what they want to be or more likely what they want others to see them as, and, I don't know, that just sounds like an awful way to live. So that's what I respect most about John, he was just himself, take it or leave it.

I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine
9 December 2010
mr. Sun king coming together
Nowhere Land
Apple rooftop
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19 September 2010

Both You Two (parco63 and GniknuS) Are Spot On in Every way

Nothing can be added



I tried to think of something powerful and moving… and failed.  "You were given a choice between war and dishonor - you chose dishonor, and you shall have war" - Winston Churchill
9 December 2010
Nowhere Land
Apple rooftop
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9 June 2010

mr. Sun king coming together said:

Both you two (parco63 and GniknuS) are spot on in every way.

Nothing can be added.




I love this forum! It's brilliant how we can, in one post, go from super-serious to "oh, by the way, I got a 9" without looking like total idiots. 

If I seem to act unkind, it's only me, it's not my mind that is confusing things.

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