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Favourite George Solo Songs.
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12 August 2013
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27 December 2012

I've got to say I love all the songs in the All Things Must Pass album now, even with Phil's arrangement. I've also heard George's version for Got My Mind Set on You, I barely even recognised his voice.

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12 August 2013
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18 March 2013

TwoAfter908 said

"All Things Must Pass". About a week ago I listened to it 5 times in a row and at the 5th time I still had goosebumps. I just love that song.

I've got quite a sad fact about myself about ATMP (song) I can't listen to it without crying.... Same as Paul's song Little Willow :(

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12 August 2013
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3 May 2012

^^ I'm the same. I bought both songs on iTunes because of how simply beautiful they are, and I really wish I hadn't now as every time I put my iPod on shuffle and they come on, I just brake down. But 'LW', though, it's not really because of Maureen. I just think of loads of sad situations that that song can apply to, even though I try not to. 

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12 August 2013
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21 November 2012

Same with LW. When I heard it the first time I just thought ''Oh my god'' and started crying a bit.

GMMSOY is one of the few covers I actually prefer over the original. Love the video too. Fun fact: Weird Al Yankovic made a parody of the called ''This song is just 6 words long'' or something along those lines.

13 August 2013
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16 July 2013

ATMP is a profoundly beautiful song.  Isn't It A Pity also reduces me to tears every time.  I especially love the Concert For George cover of that.  Another song that is a real favourite of mine is Horse To Water, particularly for the lyrics - they say so much about human nature and our often misplaced priorities!

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1 September 2013
A Beginning
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31 August 2013

For me Blow Away does it every time. I was 17 went it was released and it thrilled me to hear a George hit during "my time" and not from the past. To me it's a happy cousin to Here Comes The Sun. I didn't see it's video til years later and found that it unfortunately may not help Blow Away's stature as one of George's best (it's kind of dated IMO)...

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2 September 2013
Canberra, ACT
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29 August 2013

Gerell said
I've got to say I love all the songs in the All Things Must Pass album now, even with Phil's arrangement. I've also heard George's version for Got My Mind Set on You, I barely even recognised his voice.

Just bought the CD box - can't wait to listen to it again; I bought the album(s) the day of release but (yes, I know I keep repeating myself) sold them all ages ago and just replacing now.  It was one of my favourite albums all those years ago ...

Oh, I also like the title track off Dark Horse more than I should.

2 September 2013

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1 May 2011

Dark Horse is a great George song, no shame in liking that too much. The album pretty much sucks tho.

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2 September 2013
Funny Paper
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1 November 2012

Of course the George classics are indisputably great ("I Need You", "Savoy Truffle", "Here Comes The Sun", "Something", etc.).

But there's something I like about "Sunshine Life for Me: Sail Away Raymond" (a song written by George for the first Ringo solo album, sung by Ringo) that tickles me the best.

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4 July 2014
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3 March 2012

Cheer Down

Cant hear it enough.... It's one of the tunes I use as a morning wake-up alarm!

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6 July 2014
The Jacaranda
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18 February 2014

All Things Must Pass is totally my favorite solo George song.


Lets all take a moment and appeciate George's song "This Song".

~George Harrison is my husband. <33
6 July 2014
A Beginning
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23 June 2014

I'd say All Things Must Pass.  Last year I was going through chemo and I was listening to that song and feeling pretty down.  After I started listening to the last verse, I started to feel better.  I realized that everything does pass and life does get better.

6 July 2014
The Rhythm Revue
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3 June 2014
  • Of course, the hits MSL and WIL...
  • His Name is Legs (Ladies and Gentlemen), one shining light at the end of an incredibly boring album.
  • Let it Down
  • Wah-Wah
  • When We Was Fab
  • Circles
  • Sue Me, Sue You Blues
  • Awaiting On You All
  • Devil's Radio
  • I'd Have You Anytime
  • Living in the Material World

There are probably others, too...

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6 July 2014
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1 July 2014

Have you guys heard this song? 

Naw, it's not a hidden Beatles song. George recorded this with the band Remo Four during 1968, but it wasn't released until the 1990s! It's really cool in a mysterious way. The closest thing it reminds me of is Blue Jay Way, except it's still really different! I'm a bad explainer, so I'll just let the song explain itself :)

Oh, and I also love his All Things Must Pass album, Got My Mind Set on You, and Crackerbox Palace (it's such a quirky and fun song!)

"Something in the way she moves . . . attracts me like a pomegranate" - George Harrison
3 February 2015
A Beginning
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13 March 2013

My podcast All Time Top Ten just did an all-George episode featuring special guest, Rolling Stone writer David Wild. We each played our ten favorite George songs, Beatles and Wilburys included. Take a listen and tell us which tracks we forgot about. Also, what are your top ten George Harrison songs? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Here's the link to the podcast:


3 February 2015

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1 May 2011

@alltimetopten, have moved your post to here where it sits alongside other similar posts. You will also be able to go back over previous posts and read what others have posted in regards to their favourite George songs.

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3 February 2015
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19 April 2010

my fave George solo song is Run of the Mill - although the guitar opening to Art of Dying is tremendous

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5 February 2015
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15 May 2014

I don’t know if anybody has mentioned it, but my favorite George solo song is Blow Away, from his 1979 LP George Harrison. (Not a great video though)

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5 February 2015

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1 May 2011

Great Beatle Mysteries #584747

What is the deal with that duck in the 'Blow Away' video?


Typical George I suppose. For this promo how about a gigantic plastic duck flapping it wings as i play guitar and then I go and sit in goose. And if that isnt enough to confuse the viewers how about i sit on top of a fake giant dog.

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Don’t make your love suffer insecurities, trade the baggage of self to set another one free. ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)
24 April 2015
Silly Girl
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15 February 2015

Listening to "Best Of Dark Horse" and decided to trawl George's sub-forum so I found this. It will be difficult not to list every George solo song I know. 

  • My Sweet Lord (makes me think of idyllic summer days)
  • Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (so heartfelt and lovely, and his vocal makes it even better) 
  • Blow Away (pure poetry and happiness and Harrisonic love) 
  • Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (paints everything I see in a more colourful light) 
  • When We Was Fab (you can't not like it, there are too many Beatley things) 
  • Isn't It A Pity (beautiful, you can really feel it-- though I admit I like the demo better than the proper record) 
  • This Song (classic sly Harrison humour) 
  • Marwa Blues (I like instrumentals that make me trip out) 

ahdn_paul_06 Mostly his bigger hits... I've only listened to compilations, not counting being brainwashed with "Brainwashed" as a Little Child... and that's another story... 

There are no bad Beatlesongs ~ some are just better than others 
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