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Do you think George really wanted to do the anthology documentary?
3 July 2014
Billy Rhythm
Candlestick Park
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22 December 2013

cra said
The term 'brothers' ... gets a lot of usage in this thread.  If you're a guy and you have brothers... well, I can certainly relate.  I have a couple.  And we're constantly in each other's nose about something or other.  Always finding a fault or getting pissed off at what one said or what the other did.  Behind it all, it would be crushing if something were to happen to one of them.

Paul and George, only 8 months (not 9, Sir Paul) difference in age, fast friends because of their interest in music, spending time at each others house and hitchhiking across the country together, long before McCartney met that Lennon boy...  They would wind up living together under arduous and sometimes extreme circumstances, with insane  pressures.  Stressed, when their peers were allowed to blissfully bloom into their adult years.  And all the while, searching for an identity that didn't constantly include references to them as a group.  Isolated as they were, who could they blame for failing to gain an individual identity, outside of each other?

Yeah.  Brothers.  It's easy to understand why vast differences in their respective personalities resulted in things dragging on for years and the readily apparent animosity whenever they were in the same room.  But when the one died, the other was indeed crushed.  Believe it.

This video is nice      for it not only contains some great audio from 'The Threatles' sessions, but some great photos as well.  For those who are pressed for time and still doubt that George and Paul truly loved each other, check out the image slotted in at the  3:17  mark, still wanna believe that there was animosity between them?  Take your heads and "Shake It Up Baby Now!"...:-)

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...ontherun, meanmistermustard, C.R.A., ewe2, LittleBeatlemaniac
4 July 2014
Ed Sullivan Show
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3 March 2012

Have to say I honestly believe he did and he enjoyed it.  George could be difficult and lovable and witty and cutting and... Well, he was vast!  The man contained multitudes as another poet once sort of said.  

For every post on this thread hinting at annoyance on George's part, I see three where George is clearly pleased to be there; a genuine joy.

Yes.  There was a Paul / George rift.  They got over it.  We should, too.

I find this thread, and the interview with George therein, particularly  insightful with regard to how George viewed Paul later in his far too short life.

(hope I linked that right)

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Silly Girl
A square is not a square when the sides are less than four...
29 July 2014
Ahhh Girl
sailing on a winedark open sea

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20 August 2013

There was some discussion of this topic in this thread

If John and George were alive today...

I locked that thread and made a post directing people to this thread and one of the John threads for further discussion on the ideas contained in that thread.

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31 July 2014

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1 May 2011

Note sure where to post this so will place it here (posted the other half of this entry here)

Reading thru part of Keith Badman's book 'The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970 – 2001' came across this excerpt from an entry for October 1992.

In the States, an interview with George, carried out by Bill Flangan, is reprinted in this month's Rock CD magazine. During the feature, George... talks about the Beatles Anthology documentary series, currently in production. "This thing has been laying in cans for years," he reveals. "We did an interview for it and during the course of the questions, this thought came into my mind, which sums up the whole of The Beatles' years: How many Beatles does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is four: John, Paul, George and Ringo. Whatever history thinks, that's what it was." (The interview had previously been printed in the American publication Musician.)

Don’t make your love suffer insecurities, trade the baggage of self to set another one free. ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)
7 March 2015
Rising sun
The Kaiserkeller
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9 January 2015

in one of his last interviews George was asked: does Paul still piss you off? and he answered: i'm sure many things of myself pisses off Paul too, but i think at this point of our life we have become to a very good balanced point. the thing between the two of our heroes is very complex and it should deserve a book! through the years they went through many ups and downs (i.e. Paul asked to George to play on wanderlust in change for playng on All those years ago and he said yes. sadly the thing didn't happened. another example: George visited Paul during the sessions of London Town and said he loved I'm carryng) but if in the final years they returned very close, so the Antohology project must have happened in a warm atmosphere after all. asked if he would have played on what would become Driving rain George said: why not? maybe...regarding George's attitude to the Beatles- don't forget he wrote When we was fab!- i think he finally accepted that he would never be free from his image of Beatle George. the regret for us is that the two played only on anthology and All those years ago after 1970 while they could have done great things again. it was destiny, probably

12 May 2015
Casbah Coffee Club
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12 May 2015

An interesting question, and having rewatched anthology recently i think i would tend to say "no" is the answer.

I think it's obvious from the film that harrison finds aspects of pauls personality 'rub him up the wrong way' , none more obvious than the instances where mccartney slips into beatle paul mode. To be fair paul tries to keep that to a minimum but when it inevitably happens harrison visibly blanches. In those scenes you can see why the 2 men did not work together professionally outside of the beatles more.

George had to put up with a lot of shit from paul back in the band and the pain and humiliation of his experiences never really faded, when you add in the years of sniping and legal battles i tend to think that it would be folly to assume they could return to the closeness they shared as young men. But i think as much as george could tolerate paul privately he really wanted the experience of them working together again musically to be as brief as possible. He also exerted as much control as he could over the project too, clashing with paul when he rejected "Carnival Of Light" and refusing to do a 3rd lennon song for the albums...much to paul's annoyance.

Harrison admitted pretty much that he did 'anthology' for the money. I think it's unlikely the 2 men would have worked together again, Whilst he clearly enjoys being with paul and (especially ringo) in a social context i don't think george was the kind of dude who enjoyed many strolls down memory lane...especially when they were to please paul's considerable ego. 

12 May 2015
the Netherlands
Paris Olympia
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27 March 2015

George seemed happy enough in some of the interviews, but he looked bored in some others. I remember feeling like he had a rather large chip on his shoulder at times. I know he wasn't exactly Paul's biggest fan by the time the band broke up, but I can't imagine him holding a grudge that long. Especially since forgiveness, letting go, etc seemed such an integral part of his spirituality. Still, he seemed so angry at times. Could've been just my interpretation of course.

Cha-Cha Boom!

Seeing Paul 'Out There' in Amsterdam on 7 June 2015

12 May 2015

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1 May 2011

George never quite settled his differences with Paul until he got ill and it wasnt important any more; thats the thing with the four Beatles, they were like family in that they had their differences which led them apart but when anything serious happened to any of them all that crap didnt really matter and they were there for each other. As John once said - (and i paraphrase) - i can say disparaging remarks about the other 3 but no one else (outside the group) can.

At times during the Anthology filming George is obviously not wanting to be there yet at other times he is enjoying himself, even with Paul in the room.

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Silly Girl, ewe2
Don’t make your love suffer insecurities, trade the baggage of self to set another one free. ('Paper Skin' - Kendall Payne)
13 May 2015
Inside the beat
Candlestick Park
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8 January 2015

I don't think he ever made up his mind about it, George did like to be yes-no about everything anyway. I don't think it was all about Paul either; George was going to assert his opinion because he cared about the Beatles as an entity as much as the others did, and also wanted the freedom to change his mind too.

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Ahhh Girl
13 May 2015
The Faul On The Hill
Port Erin, Isle of Man
The Star-Club
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7 May 2015

At first when I read the title of this topic I thought "well that's a silly question, of course he would! if the other two are participating then surely he should join in too" but then I thought back to the last time I saw the Anthology documentaries and George does seem to give a lot of fairly straight answers looking not disinterested but just plain tired.


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