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Cool/Funny/Lovely Stories About George
10 February 2014

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1 May 2011

fabfouremily said
Ah, come on. It's not that bad, is it? Everyone wants to have their 15 min of fame, apparently...

Doesn't mean we have to fulfil that longing.

It seems to be getting more tedious the links to the Beatles stories: 'Mrs E Trip once was in Liverpool for 3 minutes at the same time as The Beatles in 1963, before she realised she had taken the wrong turn off and turned round. She never met them, was within 1/2 a mile of them or cared who they were, but here is her exclusive 5 page story of that moment in her life'.

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10 February 2014
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3 May 2012

^^ Yeah, some of it is really quite bad. Point taken a-hard-days-night-john-1

''We're just knocked out. We heard about the sell out. You gotta get an album out, you owe it to the people. We're so happy we can hardly count.''

17 March 2014
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18 March 2013
"George Harrison had a big bar of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut and he gave pieces to me, Pete Clarke and Derek Taylor. Paul McCartney walked in and saw us all eating chocolate and wanted some. George, very deliberately, put the last piece in his mouth. (Laughs) It’s childish, and I’ve done things like that in the Merseybeats, but Paul was really annoyed that George didn’t give him his last piece of Fruit and Nut. (Laughs)"
— Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats, BBFC’s Harrison Exclusive (2011)
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6 January 2015
Paris Olympia
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18 December 2012

I apologise for neglecting this thread for so long! This was an interesting read I recently came across. It's about the My Sweet Lord case, told from the perspective of a lawyer:

"To all,

Bob’s recollection of the mini-concert by George in my office triggered some further thoughts. The trial had just ended on February 25, 1976 — George’s birthday! Bob and I didn’t know that but our female employees did. Bob, remember Anahid, our paralegal? They brought George a cake with candles and birthday cards. He was quite touched and happy the trial was over, so he sat on the floor of my office and played his guitar. Naturally, that was one night we had no trouble keeping our employees there at night!

George found a bottle of extremely fine Armagnac which a French client gave me after we won a major trademark infringement trial the month before. (1975-1976 saw my small litigation department (3-4 people) handle 7 major trials in 2 yrs. for Freddie Prinze, George Harrison, copyright infringement of the song “Dueling Banjos”, a securities fraud case for Diners club, the trademark case to obtain clearance for the sale in the US of the World’s most expensive perfume, and Bob’s trials – the New York Jets and another involving a movie. Bob and I still laugh about those two years “being a blur”. Indeed, I am impressed Bob’s recollection of the Harrison trial and the lead-in is so accurate.

I agree with Bob that George was a gentle and unassuming man. When I met him in the mid-70s I had no idea what to expect. I was immediately impressed how down to earth he was, and how modest and intelligent. He was nobody’s fool. We walked to his deposition and, of course, the female employees at the law firm made the usual fuss. In the middle of George’s deposition we were interrupted by a huge man coming in to serve a summons against George on behalf of Allen Klein, his former manager, suing the Beatles for millions for breach of contract etc.. 20George kept his composure and did quite well in the deposition.

Afterward, we went for coffee at a coffee shop on Madison and 42nd. We sat and talked for quite some time. George said I must have some knowledge of music because of comments made at the deposition. I said I studied music and played in a small dance band which was “somewhat less successful” than the Beatles.. George said he admired anyone who could read music because he couldn’t. When I showed my surprise he said none of the Beatles — even Paul and John — could read or write music! He testified at the trial they were all “jungle musicians” who composed by ear etc.. He testified he composed one song (I don’t remember which) from listening to the sound of a water pump outside his hotel room in Algiers . Then he asked if I thought he should take formal musical lessons. Taken aback, I said the first thing I could think of — “Whatever you are doing, don’t change it” – i.e. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

I couldn’t believe a musical genius like George asked me that question! Over the next 20 years we were in litigation, I never did find out if he was kidding. George had a great sense of humor – ( Barbie mentioned the Christmas card with a marijuana leaf on the front, which he knew I wouldn’t recognize). I now believe he was really having me on.

Bob was right about Judge Owen’s expertise in music. I had several music copyright trials but this one was quite unique. At one point, a musicologist was testifying and Judge Owen completely took over his examination. I and my opposing counsel just sat down and watched him for quite a long time. I have never had a judge do that at trial for that length of time. My opponent and I didn’t mind. The Judge was doing a great job, so we just sat back and enjoyed it.

The day George testified=2 0the Courtroom was packed to overflowing — all the clerks of the Judges in the Southern District. They heard George testify how he composed “My Sweet Lord” and demonstrate it on his guitar. It is the biggest audience I ever had for a case! George testified quite well and quite convincingly, which was the main reason we were able to convince Judge Owen that any infringement was innocent and subconscious. That was extremely important for the damages awarded.

At some point George returned to New York and played a concert at Madison Square Garden . Our firm, of course, had tickets and Dori and I attended. It was so crowded and the smoke so thick we could hardly breathe. We noticed people kept ordering ice cream sandwiches and other sweets. When George came onstage the first thing he said was — “Is marijuana legal in New York ?” The aftermath of that incident might be why he sent me that “marijuana Christmas card”. Actually, all the cards I received from George were made by Olivia Harrison. Those were the ones Barbie saw when she came to visit.

Meanwhile, re Allen Klein’s action against the Beatles, John Eastman, Paul McCartney’s brother-in-law (also a lawyer) and I were asked to find a law firm to represent the Beatles against Klein. We interviewed several of the big Wall Street firms, including one firm with a junior lawyer named, Amalia Kearse, an African-American woman who was a Bridge champion, and now on the Circuit Court of Appeals in New York — 1 step below the US Supreme Court. Kearse was a likely candidate for the Supreme Court when Clinton was in office, and could be now. John and I interviewed the firm that eventually got the case — Cleary Gottlieb — where one of the lawyers was an HLS classmate of mine, Albert Pergam. Stan, wasn’t Al on Law Review with you? Anyway Albert was a good man whom I enjoyed working with who, unfortunately, passed away.

Bob mentioned Allen Klein’s, in effect, purchasing the judgment won by Bright Tunes against his former client. We moved to disqualify Klein. What was a routine damage proceeding on the exact amount owed by George to Bright Tunes became, instead, a hotl y contested litigation on Klein’s breach of fiduciary duties to George. Indeed, as much else involving Klein, it was a new experience for me — and likely any other litigator. Since Klein’s attorneys prepared George’s answer to the Bright Tunes complaint, Klein, in taking over for Bright Tunes, was actually the “author” of the complaint and the answer in the same litigation!

We argued this to Judge Owen. When we served that motion in late 1978, I was leaving the firm to start my own firm. I thought I was done with George Harrison and the “My Sweet Lord” litigation. When we won the motion in March, 1979, I was notified that George wanted me to handle the trial, which I did with litigation associates at my former firm. The 1979 trial was epic — Allen Klein testified and so did George. In preparing George, we sat in my conference room (August) in our undershirts, because it was so hot. During the trial, I called the juxtaposition of George Harrison and Allen Klein “beauty and the beast”. It did not hurt our case that Klein had just been nailed by the Federal government for not paying taxes and was subject to criminal penalties — a point I eagerly “set before the king”.

We went up to the Second Circuit when we won the trial and Klien appealed. We won went back for a third trial in 1986 and won again. Klien appealed to the Second Circuit and we won – finally ending this marathon litigation! Bottom line – George got to keep “MSL” and also gained possession of the original Bright Tunes song – “He’s So Fine”. It is the only case I know where someone was found liable for copyright infringement and wound up retaining his song and taking possession of the plaintiff’s song as well. I believe this case has been discussed widely in law schools as well as throughout the music industry. 

George’s company still receives royalties from both songs. I am gathering notes for a book on my most prominent cases and the George Harrison case will get a chapter, along with the Freddie Prinze case, the others mentioned above etc.. 

When George was diagnosed with cancer I wrote him to wish him well and told him of my MS. I was quasi-retired then (late 90s). George sent me a nice long letter to wish me well and give me advice on how to cope with everything. He later sent me some tapes of the Eastern religion he was studying. One Christmas he sent us a tea set from Harrod’s. He was very thoughtful right to the end and I was greatly saddened by his death. I will send this and Bob’s recollections to Olivia Harrison. 

I recently sent her a cartoon I found in my file of George ascending to Heaven to see “My Sweet Lord”. I wondered how he would have reacted to that cartoon. I think he may have had a good laugh about it.

Joe Santora"

Originally posted here

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6 January 2015
St Peters Church
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5 January 2015

bewareofchairs said
One of the reasons George is my favorite Beatle is because there's so many cool stories about him, and yet, being the mysterious/private guy he was, most people don't know about them. The ones I've read really give a sense of what a wonderful, generous, fun and interesting guy he was, so I thought it might be nice to compile them all into one thread. :)

I have to go study though, so for now these are two nice fan ones I saw on the Huffington Post and tumblr:

orsojo: "I have a friend that worked at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Lancaster, MA who met George when he went there in the 90s for panchakarma treatments. He said that you wouldn't know that George was a celebrity by the way he acted and interacted with the staff. My friend was a amateur guitar player and when Harrison learned about this young guy's love of playing, he asked if after dinner one night he would like to get together to play. They did and just sat together enjoying the sounds they made. My friend said that looking back on it, it was surreal in a way to be sitting and playing guitar with "one of the Beatles," but that it seemed more like just meeting a nice guy who shared your love of playing the guitar." -

niceboulder: "So my friend Nicole told me a story of how she used to work in the pub where George Harrison would bike to regularly and how one christmas instead of tipping all of the waitresses there like usual he bought every single one of them a small diamond necklace. They were all so stunned and thankful and oh my god so happy and he hugged them all and he said his wife helped him pick them out. And oh my god how can you not love this man." -

Really nice story! George is my secret favourite!

6 January 2015
Ahhh Girl
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20 August 2013

George said he admired anyone who could read music because he couldn’t. When I showed my surprise he said none of the Beatles — even Paul and John — could read or write music! He testified at the trial they were all “jungle musicians” who composed by ear etc.. He testified he composed one song (I don’t remember which) from listening to the sound of a water pump outside his hotel room in Algiers . 

This part of the story immediately made me think of the lines from Paul's song Save Us.

Got a feeling there’s a
Jungle rhythm beating in me
When I’m close to you

Was this theme of "jungle musicians" joked about among The Beatles when they were together as a group?

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9 January 2015
Paris Olympia
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18 December 2012

Ahhh Girl said

George said he admired anyone who could read music because he couldn’t. When I showed my surprise he said none of the Beatles — even Paul and John — could read or write music! He testified at the trial they were all “jungle musicians” who composed by ear etc.. He testified he composed one song (I don’t remember which) from listening to the sound of a water pump outside his hotel room in Algiers . 

This part of the story immediately made me think of the lines from Paul's song Save Us.

Got a feeling there’s a
Jungle rhythm beating in me
When I’m close to you

Was this theme of "jungle musicians" joked about among The Beatles when they were together as a group?

That's funny - I hadn't thought of that. I don't recall them ever mentioning it, but George made the same comment in an interview from 1976.

This is a good one from MeetTheBeatlesForReal:

Sara: Tonight I have a story to share with you from the George Harrison chapter of the Beatles fan club. The newsletter was called the “Harrison Herald” and this story was written by Val, the London correspondent for the fan club. The story appeared in the April 1971 edition of the newsletter, so the events in the story took place the end of February through March. At that point in Beatle history, the Beatles had been broken up officially for about a year and they had been going to court and things were looking pretty ugly between Paul and the other three. The fans weren’t sure what to think about all of this. And it is hard for me to put myself there in early 1971 when it was going on. I know the outcome of everything. But reading about the Paul suing the other three in the newspapers must have been somewhat of a shock to the fans. So the fans in this story did what fans do…they started a petition.” 

Writing On

By Valerie

Harrison Herald – April 1971

So much has happened since the last time my column was printed in the newsletter. Consequently, I’m going to just tell you about one of the best times I’ve been to George’s. I was at his house twelve times in the past month. Anyway, the last time I saw him was the best. I went up there with my friend Carolyn. We first went to John’s home, really gorgeous, and then to George’s. I had this wild idea of a petition in support of the partnership, etc. and I wanted John, George and Ringo to be the first three to sign it. John loved it and signed right away, with a very pleased look in his eye. The petition reads, “We the undersigned, present this petition in support of keeping the partnership from being dissolved.”    

Anyway, George was next. I was afraid he’d be angry with me for coming up so often (I’ve been labeled by all as the only Henley Scruff), and I really regretted going up to him until he came over. He and Pattie and some other guy were pulling branches off a dead, overgrown tree when he spotted us walking up the road. He squatted on the ground to look to see who it was, under the branches. He didn’t look too pleased and started to stab the ground with a stick. I wanted to leave then, but Carolyn had to call him. I was really frightened of his yelling at me, because I didn’t want to spoil my great relationship with him. But, he was so sweet and gentle. When he came over I casually pulled out the petition and explained about it, and that I didn’t expect it to help or hinder the decision, etc, but it was more or less just to show them that we, the fans, still care. Contrary to public opinion. He read it and almost burst out laughing. I felt like such a fool. But being such a nice person, he didn’t laugh, but smiled greatly and to avoid breaking up he stuck out his tongue and fell back on his other foot. He then looked right into my eyes and said, “But you see this won’t help one way or the other. See it’s a legal matter, and this won’t make any difference.” I agreed but looked disappointed all the same. He said, “Don’t worry about it girls, because we’re all looking for a solution. And if Paul wants out, there’s nothing to hold him in. We’ve all gone through so much these past two months that we just want an end to the whole thing. And anyway, Paul won’t come out any better than the rest of us. He’s in it just as far as we are. All he wants is for a new receiver to be in (the new receiver had been okayed by the judge two days before). Then, we all said together, “And it looks like he got that!” We all laughed over this and George said “So this is a very sweet idea, and we appreciate it, but my signing this wouldn’t help, and it wouldn’t be good for me. Do you understand?” One thing I love about George is that he must get his point across, and wanted us to understand why he didn’t want to sign. I said yes I did, but Carolyn said, “But don’t you care, being he was one of your best friends?” George looked at us both for a moment before saying, “Sure I care, we all do. But we have to leave him to sort out his own life.” Carolyn then said, “Then you think Linda is to blame? Or rather has a lot to do with it?” He quietly said, “Yeah, sure” and looked down at the ground as though to say, “end of discussion.” 

I changed the subject by saying “Working hard?” as he was working on the grounds. He smiled, relieved perhaps, and said “Uh, just clearing the grounds here and there. A few things need doing.” I had a poster of him, which I had just made up from a small photograph of him that Carolyn took. She had given him a copy of the photograph a long time since. I asked him if he’d mind signing it and he said, “Oh, of course.” I held it up and he wrote on the top, “To Val, with Love from George Harrison.” I was so pleased. I guess he knows my name. Anyway, I suggested to Carolyn that we let him get on, and I said, “Well, thanks so much for being so nice to us. I really appreciate it.” He said, “Yeah, well thanks for everything, Tarrah then.” Then we left. 

One other time we were visiting him, I asked him about hitting the policeman. He said “Well, I got off lucky. Of the crime I was charged with, I was guilty. But I had no other choice.” He said that there was traffic in the back of him all blowing horns to get through. The light changed just as he was in the middle of the intersection. The cop tried to make him go back but other cars were already in back of him. He had no choice but to drive slowly. The cop backed away and walked into his car, which was slowly moving and this happened three times. George said the way the court worded it, he had no choice but to plead guilty. He doesn’t care much, as he can always have friends drive him around. Oh, nearly forgot another thing he said about the split up, “But in any case WE won’t be dissolved. It’ll take two-three years to legally dissolve the partnership, and by then it’s 1973-74, and the thing ends in ’77, so it’d hardly be worth Paul’s trouble.” Also on his birthday, I took a cake (chocolate) up to his house. Well, I guess that’s all for this time!

28 January 2015
Apple rooftop
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Two stories on related subject:

From the Apple Scruffs blog:

In the hospital George asked the nurses to put fish and chips in his IV. The doctor – thinking he was delusional – said to his son "don’t worry, we have a medical name for this condition." "Yes," said Dhani, "humor."

Eric Idle

From the Love from George FB page:

There’s a lot of laughter in my family. My family is a bunch of wise guys - my dad and I were like a double act, and after he died I found myself surprisingly less funny for a very long period. He was friends with a lot of racing drivers and a lot of comedians, all of which liked a good old joke or shared a propensity towards silly-ness in general. It was a very funny scene over at my house growing up.

- Dhani, Filter, Fall 2011.


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