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Cool/Funny/Lovely Stories About George
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5 November 2013
Apple rooftop
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8 November 2012
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From Meet the Beatles for Real, originally from the Harrison Alliance fanzine:

We think it’s pretty exciting!
By Sue Link
August 19, 1978
When our original plans of going horseback riding in Hyde Park fell through (we didn’t call a week in advance for reservations), my boyfriend Danny and I decided to forget about anymore sightseeing plans and venture out t Henley once again (our first time had been earlier in our trip), so we found ourselves on a London street corner hoping to find a British Railways station nearby.  Lady Luck smiled on us, for we rounded a corner and Paddington Station stood in front of us.  We inquired about trains to Henley and found that one left within the hour, with a transfer at Twyford station for the train that actually went to Henley.
Upon our arrival at the Henley train station, my excitement began to grow, and as we walked up Hart Street toward Friar Park, I told Denny I was certain something was going to happen.  It wasn’t long before my feelings were proven to be correct!  Denny and I weren’t at the gates more than ten minutes when we heard the sound of a car downshifting, coming down the driveway, and even before seeing the car, I knew it was George.
We weren’t in a very strategic position when George first drove out, so I had to be content with just waving, but when George looked over he smiled a gorgeous smile and waved back!  He waited long enough for Denny to snap a picture, then pulled across the intersection and disappeared down Paradise Road.  My first thoughts were, “He’s home! He’s gone out, so he has to come back.  He’s really here!”  I couldn’t believe had just driven away, for my constant fear was that he would be elsewhere in the world while I was in England.  Of course, my thought then turned to, “Oh please let George come home before it gets dark!”  as neither Denny nor I use strobes on our cameras and neither of us had high speed film for shots without sufficient lighting.
Lady Luck smiled upon us again, for George wasn’t gone more than five minutes.  We once again recognized the sound of the Ferrari (Ferrari Dino, very rare, very expensive!) before seeing it.  He pulled across the road into the driveway, stopped the car, and waited for us to come up to him.  Needless to say, my heart was beating a mile a minute, for the moment I’d been hoping for, for fourteen years was now actually happening!
George looked really fantastic that day.  His mood was very up and he smiled that gorgeous smile a lot.  He was dressed casually, wearing a weird dark blue and white print shirt, beige corduroy cut-offs and sneakers.  I failed to notice if he wore the rings he usually has on, but he did have his neck beads on and his gold earrings, and of course, the ever present mirror lensed sunglasses.
We exchanged hellos and from then on, George got more answers from us than we did from him.  He’s more soft spoken than I had expected him to but, but I could have listened to his voice for hours.
His first question was, “Where are you from?” and when I came back with “Pittsburgh” George sort of shrugged and gave me the kind of look that said, “no one comes from Pittsburgh” and I never hated Pittsburgh more than I did at that moment.  His next question was if we were on holiday and were we staying in the city.   I told him we were staying in London proper, but I liked the country a lot better, to which George replied, “Yeah, I like the country  more, the city is okay, but I haven’t lived there for years.”
George then proceeded to ask, “Have you been on the river yet?”  I told him no, but we’d planned on a river trip before we left for home.  I did mention that we had experimented with driving and that it was the most terrifying experience of my life.  George laughed, saying, “It’s easy really, ya just have to remember to drive on the wrong side.”
Denny then spoke up and told George he liked the car, and typical men, they started to talk cars; George said he hadn’t had the car very long (it was a sharp car, but I was more interested in the driver!) and it was a five speed.  He made Denny’s day by saying, “The next time you’re over, why not take a better look at it.”  When they’d finished their car talk, Denny asked if he could take pictures and George said, “Sure, take as many as you like.”
While Denny took the pictures, I asked George if he’d gotten the gifts we’d left the first time we were in Henley ( a hard carved plaque saying “Music is love in search of words” meant a lot to me, a mother of pearl necklace for Olivia and  sleeper outfit and little giraffe for Dhani) and he said “gifts?  Which ones?”  When I told him what they were he nodded and smiled, “Oh yeah!  That was real thoughtful of you, but I thought they came through the mail.  Yeah, they were real nice!  Thank you.” 
I asked him if he was recording and his answer to that was, “yeah, well, I was, but stopped when the baby came.  All that’s left to do is to remix it though.”  We congratulated him on the arrival of Dhani (pronounced “Danny” I’ll never forget how he said it) and said how excited we all were when we heard the news.  He gave a big grin and said, “Thanks, we think it’s pretty exciting.”
When I asked if he had an idea when the lp would be released, he looked at me and asked, “What’s this?”  I looked back at him, not understanding what he meant, so he asked, “What’s this, August?”  Here he was asking me what month it was when I couldn’t even remember my own name!  I stammered out, “August?  Oh uh..yeah…” (I wasn’t sure!) He smiled again and I got a free concert as he sang “With a little luck---it’ll be out in September, once the remixing is done.”  I came back with a very intelligent, “Oh.”  Not thinking to ask if he had a title for it, but I had figured we’d kept him long enough.
“Well, uh, we don’t’ want to keep you from what you’re doing…”  I started, to which George said, “It’s okay, really.”
I stepped away from the car and said, “No, we won’t keep you.  Say hello for Olivia for me.”
He put the car in gear as he replied, “Yeah, I will.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you later.”
He started to drive through the gates, slowed and shouted back, “Enjoy your holiday!” and waved again as he left.  
As I watched the car disappear, I couldn’t believe that George had thanks US for stopping by when we had imposed on him in the first place! 
I do know one thing for sure, George has given me so much and loving him has made my life so richer, that no words can express it, but I know all of you who love George know exactly how it feels.  Om Shanti.
Meet the Beatles for Real also has a story from the Harrison Alliance about fans who hung out with George's parents for a day.

Beware of sadness. It can hit you. It can hurt you. Make you sore and what is more, that is not what you are here for. - George

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5 November 2013
Ed Sullivan Show
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18 December 2012
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The fan stories from the late 70's are so lovely. I find it sad how just as he seemed to start feeling more comfortable around fans and dealing with his fame, his worst fear came true in 1980. The same with what happened in the late 90's.

Here is another Harrison Alliance story from MeetTheBeatlesForReal:

The Adventures of the Dark Horse & Roto-Rooter Service

By Patti Claire with Susan Janes

June 6 1975

We had our suspicions confirmed that the white Mercedes parked in the lot at A&M belonged to Hair Georgeson. If we had known that we would keep running into the guy, we would never have stuck it out those nice long, miserable hours; but we were determined to meet him for the first time. We weren’t going to let anything ruin our chance to catch a glimpse of him. Around 4 a.m. we decided to wait in the car. There we were; Gloria was sleeping in the back seat along with Doylene, whose thoughts were on Paul. I, with my head on the steering wheel thinking to myself, “Come on George, you said you’d meet anybody!,” and Susan had her eyes permanently fixed on the studio door. So, you could tell we were all in tip-top shape, ready to go any second! An hour passed, then, lo and behold, a group of four guys emerged from the studio. Susan’s voice brought us back from the living dead by saying those famous first words: “Oh God! There he is!!” We (Doylene, Gloria and I) refused to believe that was him.

Things started to go so fast and before we knew it, George was walking toward our car. Susan brilliantly thought, “Get the hell out of the car, you fool, George Harrison is coming right towards you!!” So she proceeded to do so, with the rest of us making feeble attempts at getting out of the car. I was stooping outside of the car trying to grab the camera off the dashboard while Doylene was desperately trying to get out of the back seat. By the time the dynamic duo got over to George, he and Susan had already exchanged hellos. We’d never seen Susan such a white shade of pale; she was glowing in the dark! Then we managed to hear what George had to say, and were amazed when words came out of our mouths!

George: I told Harry (security guard at A&M) that sure, sure, I would come over and meet four silly people. Well, this is it, here I am. (He smiled).

Susan: Yeah, it sure is.

George: I don’t understand. Why do you wait for me? I’m nobody.

Susan: Yes you are!

George: Harry asked me to come over and say hi. You were waiting so long it made me feel obligated to meet you. (He looked like he was in a hurry and started to walk away).

Patti: Can we take a picture with you?

George: I don’t enjoy being the monkey all the time.

Patti: But we’ve been waiting over eight hours.

George: I know, you’re all here together, that’s nice. Let me take pictures of you guys.

He took my camera from me and aimed it at Susan, Gloria and me.

George: OK, pose.

He took the photo, and then proceeded to take one of Doylene, who was standing off by herself.

Patti: Oh, George, please, I want one of us with you.

George: Ok, Ok, I’ll take it.

Patti: what?

He stretched out his arms, turned the camera towards himself and snapped the picture.

Patti: What if it doesn’t turn out?

George: Well, you’ll know it’s me!

Patti: Can I take one of you?

George: I took it myself, that’s even better.

Patti: Are you feeling better? (Someone had informed us that he had the flu)

George: (confused) Yeah.

Patti: Weren’t you sick?

George: No. I’ve gotta go. Hello and goodbye. Hello and goodbye.

He drove out smiling, but I didn’t see him because I was crying uncontrollably in Susan’s lap. I wonder if George wondered where the driver was. Just as Susan and I were beginning to recover from that meeting, we, along with another friend, Debbie, “just happened” to run into George again on Friday the 13th. After going to the studio with gifts to leave with the security guard (in hopes that he’d give them to George), we were told in good faith that Hari should be coming in. But, after waiting several hours, he was a no-show. We made no bones about it, though, because we had definitely been satisfied with the meeting of a week ago. So, we left. On our way home who should we see driving in the opposite direction on Sunset Blvd. but him! I was carrying on like a mad woman because the other two hadn’t seen him. We raced back to the studio only to be told he didn’t come in there. Debbie suggested we continue down Sunset; Susan and I were very agreeable. As we were approaching the Cinerama Dome, Susan made the wise-crack, “Maybe he took Olivia to see a movie.” She was 100% right! George’s car was parked right out on the street. They were inside watching “The Return of the Pink Panther.” Being loyal George fans, of course we waited. We still had the gifts with us. A Roto-Rooter t-shirt and a bottle of wine. After falling down on sidewalks, drowning in fountains and illegally picking flowers, we managed to stay in one piece. Since we were walking by the front exit, the whole crowd decided to depart out the side and George was no exception. Debbie spotted them first and said, “Is that them?” I looked over at the happy couple, said “Yes!” and proceeded to walk to George’s car.

Patti: “Hi George. Hi Olivia!”

George: Hi.

Patti: We have some things for you.

George: (Looking at the box Debbie had). What is it? A pizza??

Debbie: No. It’s a shirt.

George: Well it looks like a pizza! No, really, you don’t have to.

Debbie: But I want to. Please?

George leaned across the car and took the box from Debbie.

George: Ok, I’ll open it later. Thanks.

Patti: I’ve got some wine for you, George.

George: oh??

Patti: Well, it’s for Olivia.

George: Oh, ok. I’ll roll down the window.

George got it, put the box in the back seat, explained to Olivia what was going on, and then rolled down her window.

Patti: (After banging the bottle accidentally on the widow) Here you go, Olivia. I hope you enjoy it.

Olivia: Thank you.

George: Thanks. Bye.

All of us: Bye!

Did we stop there? Hell no! We just had to have one more. Susan, Ceil, Katie and I (we add a new ones to each meeting!) were anxiously waiting for George to drive into A&M on June 19. Once again we had been informed he would be there. He drove right past us and into the parking lot. Susan said, “It’s him.” I said, “I know” and hopped out of the car and into the parking lot. George spoke first as he saw me coming towards him.

George: Hi!

Patti: Hi!

George: Thanks for the t-shirt (I nearly died because he remembered me!)

Patti: Oh, did you like it?

George: Yeah, yeah.

Patti (to Olivia): Did you drink the wine?

Olivia: Yeah, I liked it.

Patti: Are you here for the party?

George: Oh no. That’s already over.

Patti: Everybody’s going home?

George: I hope not. I’m here to work.

Susan was finally walking into the parking lot.

Patti: Susan and I have something really nice we want to give you.

George: But you don’t have to give me anything.

Patti: But it’s something we really want you to have.

George: Oh, uh, uh.

Patti: Then you won’t take it?

George: Oh, I’ll accept it. But in the future you girls don’t have to give me anything.

Patti: Look what it is (I showed him the necklace and he held onto the small plastic bag with me).

George: Oh! An AUM!

Susan: We wanted you to have something to thank you for all you’ve given us.

George: Thank you.

Katie: All I can give you is my good thoughts.

George: That’s as good as anything.

Susan: You have no idea how much happiness you give to people.

Katie: You give out such good vibes.

George: I’m still not used to all the admiration. You’d think that after ten years I would be at ease with it and that I would handle it. But I still haven’t gotten used to it. It’s hard.

We all sort of agreed with him.

Patti: You’re working on a new album?

George: Yeah, the single.

Patti: When will that be out?

George: In August.

Patti: And then the album follows?

George: Yeah in September. About a month.

Olivia began to give subtle hints to George, like pulling on his belt loop.

Susan: Uh, we better go.

George: Yeah, right.

Patti: Thank you.

George: Thank you.

All of us: Bye

George: Bye.

Poor Ceil hadn’t got to talk to him because she left momentarily just before he drove in. Susan was in shock because when I mentioned her name to George he looked past me at her as she was walking in; she had no idea what was going on. He couldn’t have been nicer to us.

The next time we had the opportunity to speak with George it was very short and sweet. After popping up from nowhere, to the complete surprise of George, we found this to be one of the nicest meetings because he treated us like his friends, not his fans, and that felt damn good! While we were waiting, we were taping for fun on the new tape recorder Susan had just bought. We walked up to George but chickened out about asking him if we could tape his voice but after we got to talk to him and got back to the car we found that from the excitement of seeing him again we hadn’t turned it off. Anyway, this is what he said:

Susan: How are you?

George: Well, I…

Patti: How’s everything going?

George: Not bad. I’m a bit tired today.

Patti: Oh you are?

George: I stayed so late and I had to get up so early.

Susan: Oh, you did?

George: Yeah, and I’m late now too.

Susan: Oh, ok. We’ll go.

George: Ok. I’ll see you.

Patti: Thanks for stopping anyway. Bye.

The last time George was to be seen by any of us (at least for now), he decided to do something nice for me. I was there without my faithful buddy, Susan. Ceil and I were sitting on the step outside the studio. Ceil had gotten up and stood by the gate. George and Olivia came out with Olivia driving and her window was down. Ceil heard George say, “There she is again…” meaning me. Ceil handed George a letter to which he replied, “Thank you.” Then looked over at me, motioned with his finger and said, “Come here.” I couldn’t hear him and had no idea he meant me so I sat there looking at the others. They were all looking at me! I looked back over at George who was kinda laughing at me, put my hand to my chest and said, “Me??” George smiled really big and nodded his head. I hopped up and went over to the car. I knelt down outside of Olivia’s window. George proceeded to pen up his jacket, spread it apart and pulled his t-shirt up from behind his overalls so I would read the writing on it. It was the same t-shirt Debbie had given him at the movies –Roto-Rooter! I was shocked!

George: See, I’m wearing it!

Patti: ahhh!

George: I wanted to let you know I like it.

Patti: Oh. You wore it to Monty Python too.

George: Yeah, yeah.

Patti: Oh George, can I please take a picture of you wearing it?

George: (Looking down at his chest) but you can hardly see it.

Patti: Oh, ok. You’re leaving for England soon?

George: Yeah.

Patti: When?

George: Maybe tomorrow.

Patti: oh.

George: Yeah.

Patti: Oh, you guys have to go (A car pulled up behind them)

George: Bye.

Patti: Bye. Thanks.

I went and sat back down on the steps, literally shaking, and began to cry. I looked up and George was still looking at me. He gave me a sympathetic look like, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” George said something to Olivia, and the second he stopped talking they both looked right at me and smiled. When they drove off I was hysterical!

After meeting George you realize that he is a human being, and a fine one. The looks he gives you while sitting on the steps are for you alone, the smiles are for you alone, when he stares into your eyes he’s looking at no one but you! He respects you and what you have to say. You realize he’s one of the nicest people on earth and you love him. At least he’s aware of the fact that Susan and I do, because as Olivia told us on June 23rd, “He knows you love him.”

7 November 2013
Apple rooftop
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8 November 2012
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Beware of sadness. It can hit you. It can hurt you. Make you sore and what is more, that is not what you are here for. - George

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7 November 2013
Ed Sullivan Show
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18 December 2012
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And Tenerife.

Astrid Kirchherr: "There was this beautiful blonde Spanish girl who worked in a shop there and George fancied her so much. He went down on his knees and said, ‘Please go out with me! I’m one of The Beatles and we’ve got a hit record!’ She just stared at him and asked ‘A Beetles? What is this Beetles? What is he doing?’ I’ve always wondered if she regretted that."

From Klaus Voormann's book:

After breakfast, we strolled around Puerto de la Cruz. George wanted to buy some clothes and so I lead the group to a small store. Behind the counter stood a pretty, blue eyed young girl, just George’s type. He strutted past her constantly to get her attention. 
We watched his flirtation attempts and made jokes. After George and the girl had made eye contact, he dared to speak to her. And that was where the problem began: he couldn’t speak Spanish and she didn’t speak a word of English. George tried to explain with hands and feet who he was.  But her answer was merely a captivating, helpless smile. Distressed, George pulled the Beatles’ LP out of his pocket and pointed at his face.
“Mio, Georgio. I’m one of the Beatles.”
She just giggled.
“Los Beatles, that’s me. I’m one of them.” George leaned over the counter, held the record even closer to her and spoke to her beseechingly. The others had by now left the store sneering.
She looked around for help. “Beatles? Qué?” She didn’t know who the Beatles were, had never heard of them and shrugged repeatedly.
“What, no one knows us here?” said George. “What planet did we land on?”
In resignation, he left with me and looked back to give her one last wistful wave at the door. The others were waiting around the corner. George had to listen to their stupid jokes all day.”


Haha, poor guy. 

10 February 2014
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8 November 2012
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From the Times Colonist, a woman talks about turning down George for a date.

Poor George, the rejection stories keep coming. Clearly it was the days before fans used dating as a strategy to get to their favorite. a-hard-days-night-george-10

On a tangential note, I've never seen that Life cover before. Why'd they use photos from such varying periods, lol.


Beware of sadness. It can hit you. It can hurt you. Make you sore and what is more, that is not what you are here for. - George

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10 February 2014

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1 May 2011
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Is "Woman Turned Down George Harrison Before He Was Famous" worthy of a news piece? What next? A book from the woman who put milk in his tea once? A feature film about a woman who once walked past him in the street when he was 12?

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10 February 2014
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8 November 2012
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meanmistermustard said
Is "
Woman Turned Down George Harrison Before He Was Famous" worthy of a news piece?

On the internet, yes. a-hard-days-night-george-10 Plus, with the anniversaries, I suspect we'll be seeing these kinds of stories for the next few years.


Beware of sadness. It can hit you. It can hurt you. Make you sore and what is more, that is not what you are here for. - George

Check out my fan video for Paul's song "Appreciate" at Vimeo or YouTube.

10 February 2014
Sitting here doing nothing but procrastinating
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18 March 2013
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Silly woman, throwing a shoe at someone and THEN turning down George Harrison.

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10 February 2014
Sitting in an English garden
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AppleScruffJunior said
Silly woman, throwing a shoe at someone and THEN turning down
George Harrison.

She describes him as a ''scraggy, thin little boy'' :D

If only she knew what he'd turn into....


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