New Zealand discography


Twist And Shout
28 September 1963
Parlophone MGEP 8882
Twist And Shout EP artwork - United Kingdom
The Beatles' Hits
December 1963
Parlophone MGEP 8880
The Beatles' Hits EP artwork - United Kingdom
The Beatles No 1
December 1963
Parlophone MGEP 8883
The Beatles No. 1 EP artwork - New Zealand
All My Loving
March 1964
Parlophone MGEP 8891
All My Loving EP artwork - New Zealand
16 June 1964
Parlophone MGEP 60011
Requests EP artwork - Australia, New Zealand
The Beatles Again
August 1964
Parlophone MGEP 60014
The Beatles Again EP artwork - New Zealand
A Hard Day's Night No. 1
Autumn 1964
Parlophone MGEP 6016
A Hard Day's Night EP No. 1 artwork - New Zealand
A Hard Day's Night No. 2
Autumn 1964
Parlophone MGEP 6017
A Hard Day's Night EP No. 2 artwork - New Zealand
Beatles For Sale
April 1965
Parlophone MGEP 8931
Beatles For Sale EP artwork - United Kingdom
Beatles For Sale No 2
June 1965
Parlophone MGEP 8938
Beatles For Sale No 2 EP artwork - United Kingdom
The Beatles' Million Sellers
December 1965
Parlophone MGEP 8946
The Beatles' Million Sellers EP artwork - United Kingdom
March 1966
Parlophone MGEP 8948
Yesterday EP artwork - United Kingdom
Nowhere Man
July 1966
Parlophone MGEP 8952
Nowhere Man EP artwork - United Kingdom
Magical Mystery Tour
March 1968
Parlophone MMT-1 (mono)
Magical Mystery Tour EP artwork

4 responses on “New Zealand discography

  1. Ross Penman

    hi there, well done on your listing of Beatles NZ released LPs, however just to correct you on one listing here – Greatest Hits was only released here in mono, even though we did press it in stereo for EMI Australia.

  2. Ben Furniss

    I picked up a absolute mint copy of With The Beatles from a second hand store in Matakana NZ, with Blue Parlophone label Cat number PMCM. 1206 Made in NZ printed on label, Gold with red writing MONO sticker wrapped over the top above the WTB title on sleeve..there is no MONO printed on sleeve. It has Tucon Music and Leeds Music logos (Australia) printed on the label and His Masters Voice (NZ) Ltd on Sleeve. Cat number doesn’t elude to a reissue…Early 1964 NZ original but Cat number looks like UK number…Anybody have any ideas?

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