Japan discography


Twist And Shout
5 August 1964
Odeon OP 4016
Twist And Shout EP artwork - Japan
A Hard Day's Night
5 January 1965
Odeon OP 4036
A Hard Day's Night EP artwork - Japan
All My Loving
5 March 1965
Odeon OP 4044
All My Loving EP artwork - Japan
Long Tall Sally
5 May 1965
Odeon OP 4055
Long Tall Sally EP artwork - Japan
Rock And Roll Music
5 March 1965
Odeon OP 4061
Rock And Roll Music EP artwork - Japan
5 December 1965
Odeon OP 4110
Help! EP artwork - Japan
You're Going To Lose That Girl
5 January 1966
Odeon OP 4113
You're Going To Lose That Girl EP artwork - Japan
Anna (Go To Him)
5 March 1966
Odeon OP 4118
Anna (Go To Him) EP artwork - Japan
15 May 1966
Odeon OP 4160
Michelle EP artwork - Japan
Paperback Writer
5 December 1966
Odeon OP 4198
Paperback Writer EP artwork - Japan
Yellow Submarine
5 December 1966
Odeon OP 4206
Yellow Submarine EP artwork - Japan
Bad Boy
15 May 1967
Odeon OP 4251
Bad Boy EP artwork - Japan
Magical Mystery Tour
10 March 1968
Odeon OP 4335/6
Magical Mystery Tour EP artwork

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    1. tormod aas

      First Records was one of many Taiwanese counterfeit-labels in the late 60s/early 70s, releaseing western pop/rock illegally for the huge contingent of American GIs stationed on the island. Not very interesting for collectors. However, big artists like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones may fetch prices in the region of $20-40 among collectors.

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