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Travel: Austria to England

The Beatles flew back to England from Austria on this day, following their seven-day shoot for Help! in Obertauern.

Travel: London to Austria

Two days after arriving back in the UK from the Bahamas, The Beatles boarded the 11am flight from London Airport to Salzburg, Austria to continue filming Help!

Travel: Bahamas to London

Following a fortnight of filming on New Providence Island, Bahamas, The Beatles began their long journey back to London, flying from Nassau International Airport.

The Beatles return to England from America

The Beatles’ first US tour had ended the night before, with a concert in New York City. On this day the group and their entourage flew back to London Airport (now Heathrow), arriving at 9.35pm.

Travel: London to San Francisco

On this day The Beatles flew from London Airport to San Francisco International, to begin their 25-date first American Tour.

Travel: Stockholm to London

Following their two nights of concerts at the Johanneshovs Isstadion in Stockholm, Sweden, The Beatles flew to London Airport from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. They arrived back in England at 3.45pm.

Travel: Australia to England

The Beatles were taken by Rolls-Royce to Brisbane Airport early in the morning. From there they caught a Qantas-V flight to Sydney, the first leg of their long journey back to England.

Travel: New Zealand to Australia

Having given their final performance in New Zealand the night before, The Beatles flew from Christchurch to Auckland, Australia.

Travel: Sydney to Auckland

Although they returned to Australia for final concerts in Brisbane on 29 and 30 June 1964, on this day The Beatles flew from Sydney Airport to Auckland, New Zealand.

Ringo rejoins The Beatles in Australia

After almost two weeks apart from the group due to his tonsillitis and pharyngitis, Ringo Starr finally rejoined The Beatles in Melbourne, Australia.

The Beatles arrive in Australia

The Beatles flew from Hong Kong to Sydney, stopping en route in Darwin to allow their aeroplane to refuel. Although it was an unscheduled stop, 400 fans were waiting as they landed in Darwin at 2.35am.

Travel: Amsterdam to Hong Kong

On the morning of 7 June 1964 The Beatles flew from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, a journey which took in refueling stops in several countries and lasted more than 24 hours.