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The Beatles’ final photo session

The Beatles united for a final photographic session on this day. It was also the last occasion in which all four members were together for band duties; thereafter their only meetings were business-related.

The Abbey Road cover photography session

All four Beatles gathered at EMI Studios on the morning of Friday 8 August 1969 for one of the most famous photo shoots of their career. Photographer Iain Macmillan took the famous image that adorned their last-recorded album, Abbey Road.

The Mad Day Out: location seven

The final location of The Beatles’ Mad Day Out, in which hundreds of photographs were taken around London in the course of a day, was 7 Cavendish Avenue, Paul McCartney‘s house in St John’s Wood, north London.

The Mad Day Out: location six

After leaving St Pancras Old Church and Gardens, The Beatles travelled to east London to Wapping Pier Head and Wapping High Street, for the sixth location of the Mad Day Out photoshoot.

The Mad Day Out: location five

After striking numerous poses on a traffic island in Old Street, north London, The Beatles travelled to St Pancras Old Church and Gardens near Regent’s Park, where some of the best-known photographs of the Mad Day Out were taken.

The Mad Day Out: location four

The fourth location in the Mad Day Out, in which The Beatles were photographed in various places around London, was in Old Street, a busy thoroughfare in the north of the city.

The Mad Day Out: location three

After their photography session at the Mercury Theatre in Notting Hill, The Beatles’ Mad Day Out continued towards Highgate Cemetery in north London.

The Mad Day Out: location two

The second location in The Beatles’ Mad Day Out photography extravaganza took place at the Mercury Theatre at 2 Ladbroke Road in Notting Hill, London.

The Mad Day Out: location one

In the early summer of 1968, Paul McCartney telephoned esteemed war photographer Don McCullin to ask him to spend a day photographing The Beatles. The group was in need of new publicity images, and wanted to get away from the recording studio temporarily.

Cover shoot for Sgt Pepper

Prior to a late night recording session at Abbey Road, The Beatles visited Michael Cooper’s London photographic studio where the cover photographs for Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band were taken.

Ringo Starr is photographed by Richard Avedon

Ringo Starr had his portrait taken by US photographer Richard Avedon. The shoot took place at a photographic studio in a penthouse in Thompson House, 200 Gray’s Inn Road, London.

Photo session in London

In the morning of 5 March 1963, prior to recording their third single From Me To You, The Beatles took part in a photography session in London.

The Beatles’ first photo session

In December 1961 The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein contacted a local wedding photographer, Albert Marrion, to see if he could take some pictures of the group.