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The Beatles at the George V Hotel, Paris

EMI’s German counterpart, Electrola Gesellschaft, wanted The Beatles to re-record the vocals on their biggest hits, She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand, in German. Although The Beatles and George Martin thought this unnecessary, the recording session was originally scheduled to take place on this day.

EMI presents The Beatles with silver discs

The Beatles had a day off from their 1963 Autumn Tour on this day but, rather than spend it relaxing, they attended a ceremony held at EMI House in London, where they were given a number of silver presentation discs to mark their extraordinary record sales.

The Beatles Ltd is formed

With the success of The Beatles looking assured, and expectations for better things as their fame grew across the United Kingdom, Brian Epstein formed The Beatles Limited to handle their legal and business affairs.

Live: Floral Hall, Southport

This was The Beatles’ second appearance at the Floral Hall on the Promenade in Southport, Lancashire. They gave two ‘houses’ – performances – for different audiences in the evening.

Rehearsal: Cavern Club, Liverpool

Two days before their first Abbey Road recording session, The Beatles undertook a second day of rehearsals at the Cavern Club, Liverpool.

Live: Aintree Institute, Liverpool

This was the 20th performance given by The Beatles at Aintree Institute, which was situated at Longmoor Lane in Aintree, Liverpool. It was put on by Brian Kelly for his Beekay Promotions.

Bruno Koschmider terminates The Beatles’ contract

Furious that The Beatles had made a verbal agreement to play at rival Peter Eckhorn’s Top Ten Club, Kaiserkeller owner Bruno Koschmider terminated their contract. Despite this, they continued to perform at the club for another three weeks.