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The Beatles to be awarded MBEs

Brian Epstein requested that Paul McCartney and Jane Asher return from their Portuguese holiday a day early, so all The Beatles could be in Britain on the day it was announced that they would be awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Paul McCartney buys 7 Cavendish Avenue, London

While the other Beatles were planning moves to the stockbroker belt in England’s Home Counties, Paul McCartney decided to remain in the capital city. On this day he bought a house at 7 Cavendish Avenue in St John’s Wood, London.

Northern Songs is floated on the stock exchange

The Beatles’ song publishing company, Northern Songs, was floated on the stock exchange on this day. Previously co-owned by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Brian Epstein and Dick James, it was restructured with 1,170,000 of the company’s five million shares made available to the public.

The Beatles’ Christmas Day, 1964

The Beatles spent Christmas Day 1964 in a number of different ways. John and Cynthia Lennon were at home with their son Julian; Paul McCartney was with Jane Asher at her family’s London home; while George Harrison and Ringo Starr remained in their home at flat 7, Whaddon House in London.

Day off in Alton, Missouri

Following their concert in Dallas, Texas on 18 September 1964, The Beatles were flown to a ranch in Missouri for a rest day.

George Harrison buys Mornyork Ltd

On this day George Harrison bought a shelf company Mornyork Ltd, which he turned into a music publishing company Harrisongs Ltd. He was on tour in the US at the time, so the transaction would most likely have been made on his behalf by NEMS Enterprises.

Day off in Key West, Florida

The Beatles were to have had a rest day in Jacksonville, Florida, but stayed in Key West until Hurricane Isabel passed.

Day off in Cape May, New Jersey

Following their concert the previous night at the Convention Hall in Atlantic City, The Beatles relaxed at the Marquis de Lafayette Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey.

Day off in Bel Air, Los Angeles

Without a concert scheduled for this day, The Beatles rested at their rented house at 356 St Pierre Road, Bel Air, Los Angeles.

The Beatles occupy the Billboard Hot 100 top five

In an achievement unlikely to ever be equalled, for the week of 4 April 1964 The Beatles occupied the top five positions of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In all they had 12 places on the US chart.

Day off in Miami

The day after their second Ed Sullivan Show appearance, The Beatles enjoyed a well-earned day off in Miami, in which they tried water-skiing.

Rehearsal for The Ed Sullivan Show

The Beatles’ second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was to take place at their Miami Hotel, the Deauville, on 16 February. Ahead of it they undertook a series of rehearsals.

Travel: New York to Miami

The Beatles travelled to Miami from New York on this day, leaving on National Airlines Flight 11 at 1.30pm and arriving at 4pm.

The Beatles’ American invasion begins

The day The Beatles’ American invasion began. The Beatles’ Boeing 707, Pan Am flight 101, left London Airport early on the morning of 7 February 1964, bound for New York City.