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  1. That’s very cool.  I do think they are important – as much as Poe’s home in Baltimore or Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  I’ve been to Mendips (not inside of course) and you get a sense of awe knowing the creativity that flourished there.  I wonder what the status of Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane are.  They should be considered as well!

    Comment by Encyes — Friday 2 March 2012 @ 12.22pm

  2. I’m so glad this happened…last july I was in the houses and there was such a positive vibration in there,it’s impossible not to cry when you’re in John’s bedroom.

    Comment by Jane — Saturday 10 March 2012 @ 11.37am

  3. Thats wonderful.I hope they never knock those buildings down… It would be a shame if it did

    Comment by Noah York — Tuesday 16 July 2013 @ 2.20pm

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