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  1. So awesome!! Go Obama!

    Comment by David — Monday 19 November 2012 @ 2.30am

  2. Yes, so pleased about O’s re-election! Also, chuffed that Paul joins Progressives in demonstrating by default that—yet again—conservatives are are the WRONG side of history

    Comment by chris jay — Saturday 24 November 2012 @ 8.27am

  3. Excuse me Chris Jay, but let’s remember that there are many Beatles and McCartney fans who aren’t necessarily Obama supporters.

    To say that conservatives ‘are on the wrong side of history’ is not only very arrogant, it also encourages intimidating and stifling others who have differing political views. I happen to know many people whom you would call conservative who are big Beatles fans.

    I love McCartney’s music, but as a non-US citizen, he shouldn’t have involved himself in another country’s political election.

    Comment by Bill — Tuesday 4 December 2012 @ 9.09am

  4. i strongly disagree with you, Mr. Bill.

    Comment by maul — Sunday 23 December 2012 @ 3.49am

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