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  1. His wife must be pretty messed up to still be married to that psycho. Not only is she married to a cold-blooded killer, but she’s married to someone she hasn’t been with in 31 years.

    Comment by McLerristarr — Friday 24 August 2012 @ 11.01am

  2. I am glad that the word murderer is used so it’s clear this was a murder and not an assination like JFK, RFK etc. Not to diminish the pain of the Kennedys but they knew the dangers of higher public office. John was going home to see his son. I don’t understand how you can meet Sean who was 5 years old, meet John Lennon and him be extremely generous and kind to you and then you shoot him in the back like a coward. He should rot in prison until death not because he killed a Beatle but because he took the father of two young boys away and made Yoko watch it.

    Comment by Craig — Friday 7 September 2012 @ 9.10pm

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