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  1. As a playlist of hard rocking Beatles songs, it works. Not essential, and not really for newcomers, but still tons of fun. Think of it as this generation’s version of 1976’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music comp. Personally I would added more stuff to what’s already here, such as Come Together, Yer Blues, and I Want You.

    Comment by Preston — Tuesday 24 July 2012 @ 9.50pm

  2. This is NOT another “shameless Apple Corps cash-in”! Its much worse: an Apple INC/iTunes cash-in!! Apple Inc has tried to completely take control of the Beatles affairs and this is perfect proof. They won the lawsuit against Apple Corps in 2007 only by outspending them severely and now, as a result, they own the complete rights to the name “Apple” and even the Granny Smith apple logo… This is a disgrace and they should not be allowed to milk the Beatles’ legacy like this by enslaving Apple Corps (which is nearly a decade older than Apple Inc)!

    Comment by James — Tuesday 24 July 2012 @ 9.53pm

  3. I think it sounds quite good, th song collection is possibly the best ever done.The hey bulldog video is already at number one in the music-video-itunes charts in austria: I didn’t (and won’t) buy this compilation because I’ve got every song on cd, but is the I’v got a feeling version really the naked version, it says naked version on itunes but the running time is the one of let it be. Can anyone tell me who bought the album?

    Comment by GeorgeTSimpson — Tuesday 24 July 2012 @ 9.56pm

  4. Come together would have been nice.
    But what the heck did they think when they left out I want you (She’s so heavy)?!
    Instead of Savoy truffle (GREAT song, but not really THAT rocking) I would’ve chosen Old Brown Shoe.
    Why don’t we do it in the road? is definitely missing, as well as Yer Blues.
    Rain should have been included as well.

    So, while I appreciate ANY project that gives the spotlight to TNK there’s a LOT missing.

    Comment by paulsbass — Wednesday 25 July 2012 @ 8.17am

  5. OK collection, but wrong title for this group of songs. This should have been the title of a collection of Beatles’ psychedelic tunes. TNK, She Said, She Said,I Want To Tell You, Lucy in The Sky, Fixing a Hole, Within You, Without You, A Day in The Life, Walrus, Strawberry Fields, Baby You’re a Rich Man, Inner Light, Rev No 9, and wind it out with You Know My Name.

    You get the idea. If they wanted to make a hard rock album, not sure TNK even belongs on it. I Want You does, though. So does Come Together. And Old Brown Shoe, And I Dig A Pony.

    Just sayin’

    Comment by Bill — Wednesday 25 July 2012 @ 8.08pm

  6. I would have chosen Rain over Paperback Writer for this album. And what about Happiness Is A Warm Gun?
    It is an awesome playlist however, and I’d definitely buy it if they release it as an Lp :-)

    Comment by Jakob — Thursday 26 July 2012 @ 5.08pm

  7. Damn, I forgot to mention “Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey”, one of their very hardest rocking tunes.
    And “Birthday” as well.

    Comment by paulsbass — Friday 27 July 2012 @ 1.06pm

  8. so not only did they assemble a compilation of stuff that every Beatles fan most likely has already, but they left out a bunch of songs that would classify as “rocking”, and the compilation title doesn’t even fit well… nice try (not really), Apple…

    Comment by tkv.ktue — Tuesday 31 July 2012 @ 11.23am

  9. tkv.ktue – thank you! Yes I own every one of these tunes, as well as the songs that I think are missing and I can burn them anytime I want and in any order I want!!

    This is beyond shameless and is, in my opinion, contrary to the Beatles ethos – especially the original Apple Corps ethos of not allowing some businessman in a suit in an office to make you get on your knees so you can make music.

    All this is is an opportunity to spend $7.99.

    Friends, it is time cue the slow bells from Plastic Ono Band – because indeed ‘the dream is over’

    Comment by robert — Sunday 5 August 2012 @ 12.01pm

  10. Actual mix..I’d be interested to hear comments regarding the mix of this release..I flicked from my cd master copy of Savoy Truffle and then to the store preview and the sound quality is really, really crisp and the detail is finer than say my cd copies..some of the stereo mixes such as you cant do that & back in the USSR are cleaner..any thoughts?

    Comment by kjdell — Tuesday 14 August 2012 @ 5.04am

  11. Beatles music is being handled by people who were not alive when it was being recorded

    Comment by kevin — Saturday 18 August 2012 @ 7.50am

  12. Whoa, let’s not get ageist here. I was born after the Beatles broke up, but if I were in charge of their releases (a dream job, if you ask me), I would treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

    Besides, plenty of suits were exploiting them and their music who WERE alive while these albums were being recorded.

    Comment by Sean — Tuesday 21 August 2012 @ 8.16pm

  13. I’ve been laying low amidst the controversy of TNK. After roughly a month now, my initial reaction has not changed. I think the hardcore Beatles fans and “purists” (of which I consider myself to be both) are missing the point. The compilation isn’t for us, nor was it ever the intention. Rather, an inexpensive intro to lesser known Beatles tracks to the younger generation to give them an option over Justin Bieber and One Direction. It is not, IMO, a “shameless cash-in” considering that it is a download-only, budget-priced compilation. I could see crying “foul” if it were released on physical media with some little bonus feature to try to rope in the longtime fans. But it’s not. So, I applaud Apple/Apple for giving the kids an affordable collection to turn them on to some terrific music. This is my story both humble and true, tear it to pieces and mend it with glue.

    Comment by Keith — Wednesday 22 August 2012 @ 10.27pm

  14. I just made $1000 selling one of my 3 copies. Not a bad return, I’d say…

    Comment by Ron Bergstrom — Wednesday 17 July 2013 @ 2.29am

  15. Three copies of what? A digital music compilation?

    Comment by Joe — Wednesday 17 July 2013 @ 9.21am

  16. I have lurked around this site for a bit (especially the Fab Forum, but I’m not allowed to join, yet :-( ), and thought I should comment! So here goes… Most of the Beatles albums I own are on vinyl (despite my age being somewhat near the bottom of the teen years) and/or CD (mainly vinyl), but ‘TNK’ is one of the three albums I own digitally (1 and ‘Rubber Soul’ being the other two). I personally love this album, though as others have noted above, albums such as 1 are a far-better choice for beginners, as they completely avoid all the obscure/particularly good material (though, of course I love ‘Hey Jude’, too – not so much the single version of ‘Let It Be’.) I bought this album back in April, I think, at a time when I’d been a Beatlemaniac for 1 1/2 years, and knew 85% of their material (I now know 100%!). I love the absolute dead rockers The Beatles produced (yes, Stones fans – The Beatles were a rock band! No offence…), and this was a perfect way to get them all together. I think there should have been more White Album tracks (as others had said), and maybe more of their psych rock stuff. But to finish up, I love this album – but ‘Rubber Soul’ is definitely the most-played album on my iPad.
    Oh, and please check out my blog, All You Need Is The Beatles (yes, bad pun, I know). Can be seen by clicking on ‘tangerinetrees99’.

    Comment by tangerinetrees99 — Thursday 4 September 2014 @ 2.55am

  17. Apple, Inc., has been paying The Beatles — Apple Corps. — millions per year for use of the “Apple” logo, which was appropriated from The Beatles by mega-huge Beatles fans Steve Jobs, et al.

    Comment by JNagarya — Friday 24 July 2015 @ 4.40am

  18. Late reply.

    Why the bloody hell they didn’t include I Want You (She’s So Heavy) on this album/playlist is beyond me!

    Comment by Oystered — Monday 24 August 2015 @ 7.13am

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