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  1. That was a nice concert. I especially enjoyed Tom Jones who at 72 still had an amazing voice – and looked fanastic with his silver hair! 😉
    Too bad this can’t be said about Paul, his age shows more and more in his voice AND his looks…
    Still in a very good shape considering his age and touring shedule…

    Comment by paulsbass — Tuesday 5 June 2012 @ 3.42pm

  2. I agree, Paul’s voice was not in very good shape. I wonder if he ever considers dropping the songs a step or two. That would help.

    Comment by buster — Wednesday 6 June 2012 @ 9.12pm

  3. Paul looked amazing. I loved seeing him, he looks in great shape for his age.
    And he was sick. Everyone is, like, criticizing the man, I thought people would have the capacity to see he was sick. Until a month ago he was giving great performances, with a great vocal in it, and a few weeks ago(in the LIPA thing), he said he wasn’t feeling so well, he’s not 20 any more so obviously it’s a lot difficult for him to recover especially when it affects his vocal ability. So I think it was a phenomenal performance regarding him being a little bit under the weather.
    Everyone was fine. I liked most of the performances. A lot of great musicians.

    Comment by Maggs — Thursday 7 June 2012 @ 12.58am

  4. Thought he might have squeezed “Her Majesty” into the set list somewhere.

    Comment by Jonathan — Wednesday 13 June 2012 @ 10.48am

  5. He started his set with Her Majesty in the Golden Jubilee concert, ten years ago, followed up with a sheepish little apology to Her Maj!

    Comment by David — Wednesday 13 June 2012 @ 5.23pm

  6. THANK YOU for pointing this out. It was clear when he was talking during the concert that he was sick. Finally got to see him in Nashville, TN two years ago. He sang great and it was hard to believe I was actually SEEING him. Hands down the best concert I have ever been to! I’ve loved this man since I was 7 1/2 years old in 1964. To see him was the ultimate thrill.

    Comment by mabs — Wednesday 13 June 2012 @ 8.30pm

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