Beatles painting Images Of A Woman sells for $155,250

The only known painting by all four members of The Beatles has sold at auction for $155,250.

The oil and watercolour artwork was created by The Beatles in June and July 1966, while on tour in Tokyo. Tight security measures meant they were unable to leave their suite at the Hilton hotel for three nights, so they collaborated on a painting which became known as Images Of A Woman.

Each Beatle painted parts of the 30"x40" paper, working by the light of a lamp in the centre. When the painting was complete the lamp was removed, and The Beatles signed the empty space next to their contributions.

The Beatles’ painting Images Of A Woman, Tokyo, 1966

The paper and paints were provided by the Japanese promoter, Tats Nagashima, who suggested that the completed painting be auctioned for charity. It was subsequently bought by a cinema manager and local fan club president Tetsusaburo Shimoyama.

Images Of A Woman is believed to be the only instance of a painting by all four Beatles. It was sold again in Osaka for ¥15 million, and in 2002 appeared on the eBay auction website.

In September 2012 it was put up for sale again through Philip Weiss Auctions in New York. The painting had a pre-auction estimate of $80,000 to $120,000, but sold for $155,250 including the buyer's premium.

It is not known whether The Beatles collaborated on any other paintings, but a pen and pencil drawing known as Peace To Monterey was created in 1967 by the group. Unable to attend or perform at the Monterey Festival, they sent their best wishes to the organisers in the form of the drawing on paper.

Peace To Monterey artwork by The Beatles, 1967

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  1. Jordy

    So John was the top left, Paul top right, Ringo bottom left and George bottom right.

    I would’ve guessed John to have done the erratic bottom right! Still suits George, though. Paul’s contribution is just like him; clean, organised and well structured. I must say though, Ringo’s corner is very beautifully done! Think his is my favourite.

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