Paul McCartney live at Arena, Glendale, Arizona

Sir Paul McCartney kicked off his Up And Coming Tour with a concert at the Arena, Glendale, Arizona.

The setlist:

Also on this day...

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4 responses on “Paul McCartney live at Arena, Glendale, Arizona

  1. skye

    If he’s planning to retire, he didn’t show any signs of it. He was having too much fun! And we would love to have him back. ;) Vocally, he still has it. He played at least seven different instruments.

    I loved seeing so many Beatles/Macca fans. There was a good age mix too; 5 to 60+ I’d say. Actually seeing Phoenicians cheering for something with out being prompted is always a good thing.

    (But what’s the point of being in the front row if you don’t want to sing along? I’m looking at you Mr. Camo Hat.)

    Oh, and it was amazing! Definitely worth the money. :D

    1. Zig

      “Actually seeing Phoenicians cheering for something with out being prompted is always a good thing.”

      Funny you should say that. Until about 7 years ago, I lived in Phoenix for 14 years. When I went to Diamonbacks baseball games, it amazed me that the crowd pretty much always had to be prompted when to cheer.

      Sounds like you had a great time – wish I still lived there just for that show. I don’t think he will be playing in Maine any time soon.

      1. skye

        Good – I guess. I thought I was maybe being a bit unfair, but if you noticed it too, then I don’t feel so bad. :)

        He is sticking to the warmer climes. Maybe next year?

  2. Morgan Fusion

    I haven’t enjoyed anything so much since I saw Paul in 1992 in Tempe which I never enjoyed so much as Paul w/ Wings in 1976 in Tucson. This man is my idol. The crowd at the Glendale concert had a splendid time (I could tell). I hope he never stops touring and creating music. Yeah yeah yeah PAUL!!!

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