Paul McCartney live at Cowboys Stadium, Dallas

9.00pm, Thursday 20 August 2009 (4 years ago)

On 19 August 2009 Sir Paul McCartney played a concert at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX.

The setlist was unusual for its inclusion of Buddy Holly’s It’s So Easy, performed as a tribute to the Texas-born singer. McCartney described it as the first time he’d performed the song.

2 Responses to “Paul McCartney live at Cowboys Stadium, Dallas”

  1. Jeff

    WE were there!!

    5th row center seated at end of row

    To say it was a great show is an understatement

    God Bless the Beatles!!! and all fans

  2. Michael

    This was my first visit to this new venue. The sound was surprisingly good. The stange was around the 20 yard line, so I’d guess 75% of the seats were available, and it appeared full. While this concert was great fun, Paul did not sound nearly as good or seem as lively as he did at Reunion Arena in 2003. Perhaps he was a little older, or still sad about his divorce?


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